The Pool welcomes Jan Schulte!


How are things in Dusseldorf? What are you currently up to?

Things are working up in Düsseldorf! A lot of new projects are evolving at the moment, in the city itself, or around the city.

I am still recovering from my ride to Amsterdam last weekend, where we celebrated the release of Montezumas Rache’s “Wu Du Wu”, had 6h Themes For Great Cities Instore at Redlight Records, and where I met Young Marco to talk about our upcoming live-show.

Do you mean projects in general or music related projects?

Music related projects, there are new Themes For Great Cities releases planned, a new Edits Des Amateurs release, a final release on Verein freier Menschen & Musik is in the making, our Mülheim (which is a small city nearby) friends Tim Schumacher and LL DJ are planning to setup a new label, Lucas from Stabil Elite has a new project called “Bar” coming out soon as well.

And thats not even all!

Sounds very healthy. How is the music scene in Dussledorf? Does Dusseldorf have a ‘sound’ that can be traced back to the city?

The places to celebrate music and especially that Düsseldorf sound are rare, but there is a eruptive underground scene that relates to the musical history of the city. The Salon Des Amateurs, run by people like Tolouse Low Trax, Lena Willikens, Marc Matter was and still is an important spot for the more open minded listeners.

You can hear everything from early Kraut Electronics, underground Neue Deutsche Welle dance tracks to “future-classic” experimental dance music.

Otherwise it is kind of hard in Düsseldorf to celebrate electronic dance music as the venues are vanishing at the moment, and the city shows little interest in keeping a vital scene.

But nevertheless a lot good people come up at the moment and push things!

Could you tell us more about the infamous Salon Des Amateurs?

The Salon Des Amateurs is located in the 1960s Beton building called “Kunsthalle Düsseldorf”, in the daytimes the Salon acts as the café to the museum.

In the beginning, which is almost 10 years ago now, it was generally used more like a bar, but over the years and because of the special music programm it evolved more and more into a club with extremely crowded weekend nights.

I still get goosebumps remembering the first nights I spent there, with DJs like Gordon Pohl (Musicargo), Tako (RDR), Beppe Loda, I-F and of course the hosts that I mentioned above, and lots of more unforgettable evenings.

Those nights showed me that its possible to create dancefloors with music that I never dreamt of seeing a whole room go crazy on it.

The first time they asked me to play I was so excited I had shaky fingers all night long!

You are now resident of the club. How often do you play there and do you have a music policy?

Although I was so mad excited the first nights I was invited to play, or maybe because I was so excited i got into the team really fast. Nowadays I am more or less doing one evening in the month, alongside guest DJs, or with Tolouse Low Trax who hosts most of the saturday nights. 

We also sometimes host special ambient or jazz or other experimental nights during the weekdays, but it’s more for us to show new record discoveries, or play out new stuff in the making.

My music policy is a classic “There-is-no-music-policy” policy, haha. I try to sort music by my emotional impression of it, and not by genres or styles.

I am also free to very diverse pitching ranges while I DJ, it all depends on the evening and the spirit of the moment.

Care to share 5 of your Salon favourites from over the years..

“Lobt Noch Irrt – Heizgas Meter”

This one was Tolouse Low Trax’ big salon hit,the whole room went mad everytime this was played, amazing memories

“East – Agymosas”

Another track played by Detlef (Tolouse Low Trax) that i never heard raising a dancefloor like in the salon.

“A.R. Machines – Globus”

I played this out at one of my first evenings in the Salon, and the whole room was jumping, since that moment it became a classic.

“Sparks – Tryouts for the Human Race”

This sounded like it was made for the sound system in The Salon, when the live drumming kicked in it was always some very special moment

“Plaza Hotel – Bewegliche Ziele”

At 33rpm, i think Tako played it out the first time, and it instantly became a Salon Anthem.

You record and DJ under different aliases. Can you takes us through each of these and how they differ in sound?

There was never a plan to collect alter egos, haha.. but somehow it ended up like this.

The Wolf Müller records are krauty, percussive drum tracks, that also happen in collaboration with befriended musicians. I always felt Wolf Müller not really as a person, more like a spirit that wanders around and is always there when this german tribal dance thing happens.

The Bufiman tracks are my approach to four-to-the-floor orientated dance music, with more classic structures in their arrangements. I recently finished a new Bufiman EP that will be announced soon on a super nice and classic dance label!

For that Edits Des Amateurs record Arne from Themes For Great Cities came up with the idea for the name “Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski”.. as i didnt want to use my real name for edits at that time. It refers to the german label and huge german dance music distributor from the 1980s, Bernhard Mikulski.

Can you tell us about the mix you recorded for us?

I think it gives a nice overall impression of styles i like.. going from spiritual ethno-dances to amazing music from friends like Harmonious Thelonious, containing some of my own edits, a very drum orientated track by Circuit Diagramm from Hamburg, some more percussive edits, Sotofett’s Mix of “Denaji – Wuhti” and at last some local classics with Die Partei’s “Nord-Süd-Fahrt”.

What are you up to over the summer months? 

I am heading to London on June 19 for a small Themes For Great Cities special at Plastic People and a Boiler Room afternoon session on Friday 20th, already looking forward! :

Next big thing will be the premiere of the Young Wolf live show at Düsseldorf’s Open Source Festival, on the same stage as Dean Blunt, Panda Bear, and lots more.

Then we are also planning a small TFGC Summer Party in collaboration with indepent event calendar “” on August 2, and I’ll also leave Düsseldorf for some very nice small hippie festivals!

And finally your ultimate Pool Party line up?

Grill Chef : Definetly the Georgian dudes that work at the Salon Des Amateurs, Alex, Kakha, Beso and Luca. They are pro-level at the grill.

Manning the Stereo : Tako from Redlight Records & DJ Armin Schmelz from Tingel Tangel Vienna, my favourite Discjockeys.

Serving Cocktails : The team from the King Georg Bar in Cologne, they know how to get you intoxicated!

Thanks Jan, have a listen to Jan’s mix for The Pool here:

Catch Jan in London on Thursday at Plastic People and in the Boiler Room on Friday.


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