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DJ Harvey – UK Tour

Harvey lands back in the UK later this month for a series of 3 shows.

If you haven’t already – get on the bus…




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Pleasure swell…

A little photo diary from Harvey’s recent European jaunt, hope you all enjoyed if you turned out.

And yes that is Glaswegian sweat dripping from the ceiling…

Back in June for Meltdown Festival in London…



New Roster Addition – ANDRAS FOX

To start off 2014 we’re adding more rising talent to the roster. First up we welcome hotshot Australian producer &  DJ ANDRAS FOX to The Pool roster.

Andras drops us an absolutely killer mix and took time out to chat to us about what he’s upto right now..

– How was your New Year? The Animals Dancing line up looked pretty special. Did you play at that one?

I played some records before Jonny Nash which was a pleasure. Susan Kraft played a really excellent set after that and Lovefingers spent the day monkeying with the tempo slider whilst peopleʼs backs were turned. With niche music scenes like this, itʼs always humbling when you get to meet people youʼve dealt with online for a long time.

– We enjoyed The Embassy Cafe Lp. Can you tell us more about the Vocalist you worked with, super soulful, we love it. Are there more works with Oscar in the pipeline? and any chance of a future live show?

Oscar Key Sung moved into a warehouse I was living / working from in West Melbourne, and we naturally gravitated towards studio / table tennis sessions together. Oscar has a lot of dramas with the ladies, which is great songwriting material. We laid down the cassette demos and didnʼt think much more about it until it was ready for release. We play live on the odd occasion together, and weʼve got a couple festival shows coming up in 2014.

– Do you have any releases forthcoming?

Thereʼs a follow up LP to Embassy Cafe called Cafe Romantica. You can probably see a theme developing. Itʼs pretty much ready par a few vocal re-takes, and will be out during the first half of 2014. Iʼm also working on a couple solo releases, which are taking a new-age / modern soul kind of direction.

– Did the Red Bull Music Academy participation in 2010 play a big part in your maturation as an artist?

I was very green when I went over to London. All the staff, lecturers and participants are some of the best people you could ever meet. Of course, I learned about studio techniques and gear and technical stuff, but itʼs mainly a “life lessons” kind of place. I met long-term partner and collaborator Sui Zhen at the Academy, so at the very least I got some romance out of it.

– Are you beginning to rely upon samples less as you develop or does it vary between productions?

My last few records are completely sample free. I still respect the raw, repetitive sampling of people like Ras G and certain ghetto house producers. But for me, thereʼs no point in sampling Black American soul records – itʼs not from my own culture, itʼs not something that makes sense with my own identity. I might return to some Australian themed edits, and work with licensed material for a few re-issue labels in the future, but iʼm going to keep playing my instruments for now.

– The Australian scene, especially in Melbourne seems to be very healthy at the moment. How does it feel down there, is it a good time for home grown talent, or do you feel Australia has always produced some great stuff?

Itʼs a good time for home grown talent, and itʼs fantastic to see friends and collaborators doing well overseas. Weʼre at the end of the earth, so I guess things will always have their own flavor down under. Only recently have I started to dig deeper in the Melbourne musical past – and there are some truly mental records from back in the day – see the Asphyxiation LP “What is this thing called Disco” for a good example.

– On the Australian scene of old… have you ever come across a band called Tully?page1image30160

Yes – I first fell in love with their soundtrack to the surf film Sea of Joy. So refreshing to hear a surf soundtrack thatʼs full of percussion, repetition and eastern influences rather than screeching guitars. Richard Lockwoodʼs solo home studio demos are pretty deep too.

– We listen to your radio show in the office, tell us your musical ethos when presenting / playing tunes if you have one? Congrats on the show by the way some great stuff!

Iʼm interested in “world music” in a kind of backwards sense: most “world” music attempts to incorporate an eastern, orientalist sounding solo with a banal trip-hop backbeat. Itʼs too literally ethnic. Iʼm like non-western interpretations of western music – the Ghanian dudes with $10 worth of equipment trying to imitate Michael Jackson. The Soviet Era synth disco experiments. Itʼs a confused meeting point of world travel, record collecting and Australiana. There are some great radio shows out there that already have the guest mixes covered (see: NoiseInMyHead) so iʼm just doing my personal thing. I do the show live every Sunday from the RRR studios, so I try to keep in mind the average bloke driving along in a ute, as well as the nerdy record collectors overseas, etc.

– Can you tell us a bit about the mix you recorded for us? (Sounds like summer time to me)

I tried to give you an honest impression of my dance-orientated sets. A mix of familiar chicago sounds alongside some Japanese, Australian and Indian moments.Thereʼs a bit of a PPU flavor too, I really respect their output (both past / contemporary).

– Do you eat Vegemite?

Truthfully, thereʼs nothing I crave after a big night out more than fresh bread, butter and Vegemite. Itʼs made from leftover brewerʼs yeast, which is kind of appropriate too.

– What would be your ideal pool party? ( Guest Dj, Grill Chef, Cocktail Waiter)

Basso, a record dealer of sorts would be playing records – i think last year he even made up a new DJ name “The Breeze” specifically for his cocktail-by-the-pool mixtapes.

On the grill would be Anthony Bourdain – he knows how to cook (and enjoy) good, simple food – turning a few charred fennel prawns or some grape molasses quail.

Lastly my Dad would be serving drinks because he wouldnʼt understand a request for anything but water, beer or whiskey.

Andras will be touring Europe/UK – April 2014.  contact : rob@thepool-london.com


Greg Wilson

DJ Harvey in Manchester

Harvey returns to the UK this evening for his second RBMA show at The Warehouse Project in Manchester.  Fresh from an all conquering sold out London party and a riotous back to back session in Amsterdam last Saturday, Harv heads north to lay it down once more.

Check out these last record scenes from Amsterdam, and also if you’ve not seen them yet some shots from the London show:

DJ Harvey – Oval Space London – October 2012


Greg Wilson on Harvey

Greg Wilson shares a few last thoughts about Harvey’s UK return ahead of tonights RBMA London show…



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Mickey Boyle interview

With anticipation for Friday’s DJ Harvey Red Bull London show reaching fever pitch, we thought it might be a nice time to revisit a little chat with the man behind the sound system on Friday: Mickey Boyle.

If you haven’t managed to pick up a ticket for the London show, there are a few left for the Manchester party at Resident Advisor…

Mickey Boyle has been installing sound systems all his life and is a true legend on the underground circuit for what he has done and been involved in over the years. He worked with his friend Rolph for years setting up sound systems for partys in often unusual spaces  .He is working with us at on the installation of our LN–CC music space – looking at the Acoustics, the sound system and the set up. We caught up with Mickey and asked him a few questions…

– You’ve been working with and installing sound systems for a long time. You have incredible history from what you have been doing and the people that you have been working with over the years. How did you initially get into it all?

“I bought a sound system in 1988 and have never looked back.”

– You have grown up in the music scene and experienced some very special times and musical movements throughout the years. What parties were you first going to or working at?

“I’ve always been looking for good parties – early ’88 parties were very liberating. Spring bank holiday “Hedonism” at Hanger lane was a good one. Before 88 many parties were very split racially… it wasn’t as integrated back then – in ’88 it all changed.”

– How did it all develop? how influential have some of the parties / musical movements or certain DJs been on shaping the history of dance culture. Can you talk me through the era’s and how it evolved. What have been some of the most important moments for you ?

“There was a club called Confusion in Bill Stickers’ night club on Sunday, Kid bachelor was the DJ there. These were really Crazy parties in 1988. 

Reggae originally got me into sound systems and I liked the idea of playing other styles of music on big sound systems. In the 80s it wasn’t so genre driven… if a party was good people would go regardless of what kind of music it was… in the early 90s it started to split into genres… deep house, disco etc… a lot of DJs from bigger parties got into drum n bass.”

– Were you involved in the Tonka parties? What are your memories?

“I went to Zap in ’89 a lot although I wasn’t involved in Tonka. They had their own sound system. We did do the last year or so for Harvey at the zapp club which was one of the best partys ever .First Monday of the month”

– Tell us how you met DJ Harvey and your involvement in Moist?

“I knew Harvey and Heidi from around, Harvey DJ’ed for a club I was involved in, “The House of Rhythm”. During this time Harvey set up Moist at the Gardening Club and asked us to put in a sound system every Friday. This was around 1990.. This all happened at the time the Ministry opened.”

– How was the night that Larry Levan played at Moist?

“Larry was outstanding and was all about emotion. He played with somebody else’s records, this was just before he died sadly. There were many good nights at Moist and Harvey was always trying to go further than other DJs. I think Harvey had really come into his own when I worked for him at Blue Note in Hoxton around 1994. He had been resident at Ministry for a couple of years at this point.”

– Which other DJs have you enjoyed working with over the years?

“Kenny Carpenter at Raw Club… too many to mention to be honest and the big names were not necessarily better than up and coming DJs.”

-What is the importance of good sound and what other important factors contribute towards achieving perfect sound in a club?

“My three ingredients are…
 1. Good acoustics in the room, this is paramount and often over looked in England
 2. A good well balanced sound system 
3. The set up of equipment with correct gain structure”

– What are you working on these days?

Just finished working with Mastermind road show at Notting Hill carnival (big system). I have recently been working on installing bespoke sound systems into buildings such as hotels. I installed an 18 zone sound system at Crazy Bear hotel recently.

Big thanks to LN:CC for permission in re-printing their original interview with Mickey.




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DJ Harvey – The Return

In case you’ve been walking around with your eyes shut for the last 24 hours, you may have missed the details of Harvey’s freshly announced UK shows.  To say we’re looking forward to these is an rather large understatement!

There will be a special sound installation for the London show, with Mickey of Moist fame at the controls at The Oval Space to make sure its an absolutely killer rig.

As you can imagine tickets won’t be around for long, so get involved at Resident Advisor, links below.

We’ll see you on the dancefloor..

DJ Harvey – London Tickets

DJ Harvey – Manchester Tickets

A few words from Matt Johnson, The Pool main man…

‘Working with Harvey and Heidi has always been a dream of mine ever since early Nuphonic days, sat in the office listening to his London Xpress XFM radio shows. These home-coming events, taking place, after he’s been away for such a long time, are as Harvey told me… the thing that only happens once in your life-time. To be part of something historically so special is quite simply above and beyond. A shout must go out to Richard Newport, Wulf and all at Red Bull for helping make these show’s a reality. Also of course Heidi without whom Im sure Harvey would agree he would not be where he is today. Do JOIN US to help make these the best parties he’s ever had. Welcome home Harvey!’

The man himself chats to RBMA a few years back…

Lecture: DJ Harvey (Seattle 2005) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

Marking the end of a ten year self-imposed hiatus, Red Bull Music Academy is thrilled to present DJ Harvey’s return to the motherland for two, long-awaited UK comeback shows. Touching down in London on Friday 19th October, DJ Harvey comes to The Oval Space in East London for his first UK appearance in a decade. The following week sees him journey north, shaking the floor at Manchester institution The Warehouse Project for a Thursday night special on Thursday 25th October.

In a musical sense, the term ‘legend’ is an oft-liberally applied one. But, in the case of Cambridge-bred, USA-dwelling Harvey Bassett, it’s a description he duly deserves. In fact, he commands it. Famed for extended, all-embracing sets that tick off disco, rock & roll, Balearica, techno and electro-funk, Harvey has earned his stripes as the quintessential DJ’s DJ. Having popped up at some of Europe’s finest clubs and festivals over the past year – Berghain, RBMA’s Sónar showcase, Robert Johnson, the list goes on – his return to Blighty is finally here.

A proficient drummer as a boy – his school band ‘Ersatz’ won a weighty nod from John Peel in the 1970s – it took a trip to New York and a love affair with hip hop to coax Harvey into DJing. As he saw it, cutting up breaks was but a natural extension of drumming. From his outlandish parties around Brighton, Cambridge and on the festival circuit, via residencies at Ministry of Sound, to his own night Moist hosting New York legends such as Larry Levan, Kenny Carpenter and François Kevorkian, DJ Harvey honed his craft to become one of the world’s most respected DJs. Not content with being a role model to his legions of supporters, DJ Harvey has joined the distinguished list of Red Bull Music Academy lecturers, inspiring the next generation of aspiring DJs with his charm and unrivalled know-how.

One half of the duo behind the Black Cock label – alongside Gerry Rooney – DJ Harvey has been responsible for a string of anthemic releases, and has remixed everyone from Jamiroquai to The Police, Cornershop to Ian Brown. Recent years have seen Harvey settle Stateside, hopping between gallery and event space Hotel Thirty Nine in Hawaii, his occasional ‘Sarcastic Disco’ parties in LA and other discerning discos in between.

Having hosted him for a seminal lecture for the 2005 edition of the Academy in Seattle, Red Bull Music Academy is pleased to be bringing Harvey back for some of his signature marathon-length appearances, channelling the party spirit of those original blow-outs and reaffirming the status of the man behind the legend, no doubt winning more fans in the process.


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Greg Wilson – RBMA Madrid

Greg is in Madrid next Tuesday as part of this year’s Red Bull Music Academy for a special ‘Medium is the Message show’:

From dusty shellacs and tapes to 12” vinyl, CDR and mp3, countless storage formats have been hailed as the future of recorded sound – some of them going on to acquire cult status for their unique sonic and tactile qualities. The Red Bull Music Academy pays tribute to this evolution and explores how each format has become emblematic of an era, via an exhibition and party with producers and DJs using the unique playback technology they’ve made their signature. Rewind!

You can also now watch Greg’s RBMA lecture from Melbourne in 2006 :

Lecture: Greg Wilson (Melbourne 2006) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

Weatherall – Soft Rockin’ on RBMA

Check Lord Sabre playing his remix of the Soft Rocks track:  ‘We hunt Buffalo now’  from the upcoming LP.

5 mins in.

Lecture: Andrew Weatherall (Madrid 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.


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