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GLastonbury & Garden

Just back from a brilliant Glastonbury, superb weather, lovely people and top music.  Thanks to everyone for having us down, Greg, Maurice, Bill, Psychemagik, PBR Streetgang & Soft Rocks all smashing it throughout the weekend, Big mentions especially Carl at Stonebridge, Nick at Beat Hotel, Gideon & co at Block9 & the Crack team! Maz, Team Johnson, Simon Whitehead, Cecilia and everyone else!

You can check out Greg’s Stonebridge Bar mix below:

Next up is another group outing  – The Garden Festival Tisno…  We look forward to this weekend probably like no other, and a great crew heading over this year.

Catch Greg Wilson, Eric Duncan, Matty & Ben on the Pool boat party on friday, with Tiago, Justin V and Eric again doing the business in Barbarella’s the same night.

Greg, Young Marco, Psychemagik, Maurice Fulton, PBR Streetgang all spin during the course of the weekend. full lineup below – raving on the beach!!!

The Pool Christmas Round Robin

We’re having a little shindig next Friday after our Somerset House ice skating party, which is now completely sold out!

But if you still want to get involved come say hi at The Horse & Groom in east London where we’ll be getting amongst it with a cast of family & friends…  tickets – HERE

The Pool – Ibiza 2012

Last Sunday we made the 4th and final trip to the white island for our monthly residency at We Love.. Sundays at Space. A fantastic way to finish up our 2012 Ibiza season.

A few thanks first off… Most importantly to everyone at We Love for presiding over such a brilliant summer –  Mark, Sarah, Darren, Andy, Leena, Jamie Low (Fat Neck), Ian Blevins, Doris, Ben Korbel, Con, Dave Phillips (Lo Cura / Hostal Salinas), Steve White, Amir, Gina, Ryan & all the PR team.  GRACIAS

And.. Terje, Bobby SR (Coulman’s Mustard), Jonny (My back garden is a Sunset) Lee, Andy Wilson (Sonica), Is this Balearic yet?… Mison, Padilla, Sa Trincha, Timm & Ampo, Gavin (hammock) Kendrick, Fred & Bekka, everyone at Space, Dusi, All Ends Up full crew, and Shhlong (Can I request an album or two?) Grierson. 

Not forgetting all of our guests who have absolutely done the business this summer, Dicky Trisco, Tiago, Dr Bob Jones & Soft Rocks. Hats off guys.

We’ve come away with a very healthy respect for the power of Hierbas, the importance of pork, and an heightened appreciation of the Lo Cura time vortex..

 Finally, of course, some shots from the weekend…



Of course the We Love.. summer is not quite over yet, and you catch Pool favourties PBR Streetgang as part of a monumental closing lineup on September 30th


The Pool at Somerset House Ice Rink

A little heads up for an event we’ll be involved in at the renowned Somerset House ice rink this December. The Pool residents Matty J & Ben Terry take on Electric Elephant’s Luke Unabomber in a disco throw down alongside the ice.

Full details below, pre-sale tickets are on sale from 10 am today (Wednesday 12th September) we don’t anticipate them being around for long, so if you want to come down grab one quick!

Official ticket launch is this Friday so here’s your chance to get in early doors…

The Pool DJ’s vs Luke Unabomber (Electric Elephant)

Friday 14th December 2012

@ Somerset House Ice Rink, London, WC2


Session Times:

8 – 9 pm

9.15 – 10.15 pm

10.30 – 11.30 pm

Somerset House

The Garden Festival 2012

The dust is finally settling on another Garden Festival, and what a week it was at the fantastic new location Beach, Boat & Club, all spectacular.

Brilliant to see the new site working so well, and really promising for the future. especially arriving at the club via speedboat, which i will now be insisting upon!

The images probably tell the story better than anything I can muster, especially off the back of a ibiza jaunt at the weekend.. but a few thank you’s & shouts are of course a must…

Big thanks to: Nick, Eddie, Charlotte, Gail, Hayley & Damo.  Dave Harvey, Steve Nickols, Mark Broadbent, Leena, Ian Blevins and Mr Doris (We Love) Greg & family, Phat Phil & Ste, Lukas (Alfresco Disco),  Eric & Edda, Justin V, Cut & Shut Disco, the Mighty Quinn, Graeme & Craig, Terry (Where’s the Tea Bags) Farley, Stuart (I love it when you play gay) Patterson, Boggy, Duncan, Mans & Tyedie,  PBR Streetgang, Futureboogie, Prosumer (Aka DJ Satsuma). Tim Sweeney, Ralph Lawson. Crazy P, El Diablos, Darshan, Last Waltz, Bad Passion, Felix, Alex & Dave (Southport), Jose Padilla, & Lou & The Adriatic.

You can check out Greg Wilson’s epic main stage mix below as well..

GARDEN FESTIVAL MAIN STAGE CROATIA 06.07.12 (greg wilson live mix) by gregwilson

Garden Festival tracks that floated our boat:

Barbara Keith – All Along The Watchtower (Rayko Edit)

Raving On The Beach – Eric D (Edit)

Terence Parker  – Emancipation of My Soul

Gregory Porter –  1960 What (Opolopo edit)

Odyssey – Use It Up & Wear It Out (Unknown Edit)

The O’Jays – Backstabbers (Drop Out Orchestra Edit)

Eric Clapton – Forever Woman (Matty J ‘On The Fly’ Edit)

Robert Owens – Mine To Give (David Morales Happy Mix)

Tom Demac – Obstructing the Light

Sly & The Family Stone – Family Affair (Bings Live Version)


The Pool Interview

Ahead of tomorrow night’s Christmas knees up at Dalston SuperstoreMatty J & Ben Terry took time to chat to ReviveHer head honcho & resident Bi-Bop. Talking all things Nuphonic, production, The Pool’s roster and musical ying & yang…

Hi guys, maybe we can begin with more info for our younger cohorts about the life of Nuphonic. Matty, how did you start there and what in short was Nuphonic all about?

Matty: Things started at Nuphonic just by calling them up and asking for work experience really. Nuphonic was Sav Remzi & Dave Hill’s label, which ran from 1995 to 2002. They had a great way of looking backwards and forwards at the same time, which just did something for me. Also sonically it really opened my ears. I felt they were one of the best in the business at that time, so to work with them, all be it towards the end of their rein was incredibly lucky.

For those who don’t know the label I strongly suggest a visit: Faze Action, Pepe Braddock, Groove Armada, Block 16, Bill Brewster, Fenomenon, Idjut Boys, Blaze, Fuzz Against Junk, Black Jazz Chronicles, Rainer Truby, Rollercone, Andrew Weatherall, Adam Goldstone, Justin Robertson, Subway, Ladyvip (Maurice Fulton), Playgroup, Tiny Trendies, DJ Harvey, David Mancuso, ESG, Cinematic Orchestra, Norman & Joey Jay, Femi Kuti, Jon Lucien, Fug, Roy Davis Jr… etc etc etc.

I think the biogs say the label was rooted in soul, in all its many forms, which is a nice summation. Nuphonic was also a production company, which continued until 2007 running events (London Xpress) an award winning XFM radio show, a DJ Agency and programming Festival arenas for various clients and brands. Sav & Dave also owned and ran a bar called The Bridge & Tunnel in Shoreditch. I think they had one of the first Funktion One systems in the country.



I worked for MRC and did all the promo side for TIRK. TIRK’s described as an imprint of Nuphonic, in what way was this established?

Matty: It was set up by Sav Remzi who was 50% of Nuphonic. We nagged him for a long time to do a label again after Nuphonic. Sav’s got amazing ears and knowledge of sound, he ran The Blue Note in Hoxton from 1993 – 1996 which was really a pre-curser to somewhere like Fabric. Trevor Jackson and Rob from Output always joked there should be a statue of him in the middle of Hoxton Square, and they are not wrong!

Are you still involved with TIRK today?

Matty: Yes we still run some events for them and DJ under the Tirk banner. We also have a few of the acts that release with them on the roster. Sav is still A&R for the label, but he sold the nuts and bolts of it to MRC around the time I left to set up the DJ Agency on my own.

After you left Nuphonic, you formed The Agency. Was this just the DJ agency side of Nuphonic, or your first independently managed agency? Was there any other musical activity in between?

Matty: At Nuphonic the agency there was called Nuphonic Agency, everyone refered to it as that, when I left I just dropped the Nuphonic bit. Then after a few years and a strange legal letter in the post  that I won’t go into, I switched things up to The Pool.

Ali Warm was also at Nuphonic right? So did you basically take one part of the roster and he the other? Did anyone else we might recognize or have heard of work at Nuphonic?

Matty: Ali was at Nuphonic before me, I arrived just after he left to set-up Warm with Jazzanova and some of the Sonar Kollective crew I think. When I was at Nuphonic the bookers were James Hillard (Horse Meat Disco) and Billie Jean De Voil. James left to run HMD full time and around that time was mainly booking Optimo, Maurice Fulton and Mu. Then Billie went off to work with 55 DSL. So basically I kept the ship floating when they both left and then eventually set out on my own. Gavin Fraser was also at Nuphonic in those days & he went on to work for Dr Bob Jones at Chillifunk ,Harmless and I think he’s now at Ministry Of Sound.

Who were the big hitters back then at Nuphonic and what are your most favourable memories?

Matty: Billie booked Trevor Jackson for a long time so that was exciting, and also Black Strobe. She taught me a lot: We shared an office with Output & had some amazing times with those guys. That office was at the centre of the Shoreditch apex in those days. Personally I did a couple of bookings for Tom Findlay which was a good early learning curve.

We booked Carl Craig for a London Xpress which Ali warmed up at actually, along with Ross Allen whom I remember dropping Britney Spears! I was very close to Joey Jay for a good few years until he went to Africa, while Simon Haggis from Whistlebump I always felt was one of the best DJs of that time, his parties were out of this world. Him and the Strut crew of course were big influences.

Simon Lee from Faze Action was always a pleasure to work with. We used to book the Dance Music tents for V Festival which was always a serious giggle,  driving a golf buggy with Adam Freeland ‘surfing’ on the roof comes to mind. Once we had the Scissor Sisters DJ in our tent (just before they were playing live on the main stage). They told the whole crowd to come over to our dance tent after the gig for a party. Fair to say it was beyond a roadblock!

I also booked Adam Goldstone at The Social which was amazing. I had to block the DJ booth while he played so nobody would disturb him, quite an honor.

Finally our TDK cross central session was also a highlight, how about this one for a line up: Carl Craig doing Detroit Experiment Live, Derrick May, Gilles, Unabombers, Idjuts, Richard Sen etc. The day before was Maurice, Greg, Joey Jay, Dr Bob, Johnny Chandler etc. Amazing times.

So, the Pool London is the latest agency. Still with the bulk of “The Agency’s” roster, who are the new additions to the roster and is there anyone else exciting lined up to join The Pool?

Matty: Its changed quite a bit since Nuphonic days. I bought Greg Wilson, Todd Terje and Rub N Tug in early on. Greg I heard in Liverpool as I used to DJ for the Chibuku Shake Shake crew up there a lot, then we hooked up again at The Loft in London. I gave some of his edits to Sav which went on to become the first Credit To The Edit release. Chibuku was set up by Will Jameson who came from the same town in Somerset as me. He was another mentor of mine & now runs a festival in Malawi called Lake Of Stars which is without doubt, the best festival on the planet.

He basically went to the furthest most beautiful but also poorest part of the world and threw a party. Not just for anyone that wanted to fly in, but also with the locals. He’s like Bob Geldof and Michael Eavis in one. And prior to that he moved Liverpool’s clubbing musical palette from Cream big room house to a  much more eclectic approach. The Masque in those days was off the hook. He’s no Joke.

Where do you feel music heading in 2012?

Matty: Yikes. Into the hands of David Guetta!? I liked something said on the radio this year about it feeling like ‘year zero for music’. I do feel at the moment like everything is mashing up into itself like some post-post-modern apocalyptic vision of the future. But I’m sure that’s what the previous generation thought, it all goes round and round that’s the magic.

A lot of your artists have been flying the flag for timeless music such as ‘proper’ house and various assortments of disco and 4/4 beats for well over a decade. Do you feel the need to cash in on the latest DJ in the newest sub genre of music, like many smaller agencies have done this year?

Matty: Ouch. Appreciate the sentiment. Dance music moves fast and changes quickly with each new crowd getting into it, so you can’t blame bookers or promoters or labels for moving with the latest trends. Often it’s about survival in a business sense anyway. I do have a slightly different approach though I guess. Sometimes it bites me on the axs but 99% of the time it makes total sense. Either way I try to stick to my guns and if people feel the vibrations, great. I always felt if you’re working in music it’s your job to take risks. If I wanted to be a milkman I would have been one.

The engine that lies behind the surface of some of the names and faces you see on the line-ups year in year out can be quite brutal so you have to know where you’re coming from and where you’re going. I try to always make choices based on the music and then the people behind the music in that order, I feel that everything else follows that. In regards the musical style there is one Nuphonic track that sums it up best for me ‘The Art Of Being Inbetween’ by Fuzz Against Junk: the title kind of says it all, it’s a classic.

The most exciting news this year was to be taking dates for DJ Harvey. How did you get to represent the much anticipated return of the legend himself.

The Pool: If I told you I would have to kill you.

How has it been looking after Harvey. Has he caused any trouble yet? Can you enlighten us about any antics or crazy stories?

Matty: We got told off for talking too much on quiet coach of a train from Paris to Sete, does that count? I won’t mention the fight in the DJ booth in Pescara. No but seriously working with Harvey and Heidi is an honor. Harvey for me is one of the figureheads for this whole scene. I could go on for hours but to say he’s a musical hero of mine gives you the basics.

Can you shed any light on the much hyped UK debut of his return? Dates, potential promoters etc?

Matty: Top secret. But if you want him to come play for you in 2012 it’s safe to say, now is the time to write to us…

Is there any time or opportunity to see a Matty J / Ben Terry production make the light of day?

Matty: Crikey, well I played guitar and piano badly for a while as a kid. Not sure what Ben can play, but maybe. I did used to play in a band for a while, we didn’t last long… ‘baggy’ I think would describe us at that time.

Ben: Stranger things have happened (although not many) there are a few of my edits floating around actually, but they are really just things I’ve made to play out.

Have you had the chance or thought to learn off any of your amazing production talents of your roster over the years?

Ben: If we had the time I’m sure we could try to lock Terje or Greg in the studio for a masterclass, but unfortunately we haven’t managed it yet.

You’ve been DJing with Matty for over 5 years now, having taken in festivals and your own long running residency at The Social. Is there some unspoken symbiotic relationship and understanding between the music you play or do you feel that you differ musically in terms of DJing?

Matty: Ben is the bottom end I’m the mids and tops.

Ben: haha, yeah I do think playing together and especially back to back can take some getting used to, and its often harder than it looks, but I like the fact we play fairly different records and it avoids things getting too linear. One of my pet hates actually is DJ’s who seem afraid to deviate by more than a couple of bpm during the night!

Matty J & Ben Terry live at Sunset Ashram Ibiza – Part I by benterry

Describe each other’s styles.

Matty: I’m erratic as hell, Ben is very disciplined. Yin and Yang.

Ben: I would say it’s the other way round, especially after a few wines…

And each other’s flaws?

Ben: far too numerous to mention, but we have fun.

How did you meet Matty and how have things changed since you met? You seemed to have formed a formidable agency and DJ partnership in a relatively short space of time.

Ben: I get asked that all the time, can’t actually remember the specifics! but I think it might have been at a party at AKA (when The End was still running) Found we had similar taste in fairly camp disco records, and the rest is history, albeit a bit hazy.

Who do you think has been putting out the most credible music in 2011. Do you have a favourite track from the year?

Ben: I like what I like, not sure it’s ever been ‘credible’. This year, I’m biased but Todd Terje – ‘Inspector Norse’ is mine. First heard it from some crappy macbook speakers in Ibiza, sounded immense, still does. Constantly being asked what it is when I’m playing it out.

Label of the year?

Matty J: Gerd Janson does it for me everytime.

Ben: Yeah Running Back are doing it right, L.I.E.S stuff is really interesting, and Golf Channel too, if you can find the bloody things.

Who should we look out for next year?

Ben: From the roster, definitely excited about Beautiful Swimmers in 2012. Also Tom & Bonar’s new stuff that i’ve heard is heavy & they will be everywhere next year i’d say…

Matty: PBR Streetgang and The KDMS are our latest signings, both ones to watch. Kathy Diamond from The KDMS is singing for us at Superstore, she’s a heavy talent. We’ve also just been asked to do some UK booking work for Tiago whom is making some incredible next level stuff.

Who is guaranteed to kill it every time from The Pool and why?

Ben: All of them. The quality control is set to 11!

Any forthcoming festivals or exciting gigs coming up for next year?

Matty: Robert Needham joined The Pool team this year from deepest Newport. He’s doing these DirtyTalk events in Bristol that are musically mind blowing. Harvey’s return to the UK, We Love in Ibiza and The Garden Festival in Croatia to name but a handful. On a personal tip I just got tickets for The Roses in Manchester, The Olympics will be an incredible time for London. Just sorting a little experiment for NYE as well.

Ben: couple of other things in the pipeline from further afield, which will hopefully come to light soon…

For any burgeoning kids out there who are looking to set up their own DJ agency, do you have any vital advice to give them?

The Pool: Don’t do it!

Finally 10 things you’re saying YES to at the moment?

The Pool: Xmas Radio Times, Fire, Dr Seuss, NYE, The Shortest Day, Miniature Daschunds, Inspector Norse, Caribbean January’s, Toddlers,

And 10 things you’re saying NO to at the moment?

The Pool: Gilles leaving Radio 1, Winter Flu, Austerity Measures, Christmas Shopping, Not being able to stop time, Toddlers, Mr Cameron, Tax Returns, Funky House under a new name, Broken PS3

Well thanks guys and we really look forward to the Pool Reviving the festivities down at Dalston Superstore this Friday. See you there!

The Garden Festival – Croatia 2011

Just giving this a re-wind as we’ll be off to Croatia later this week, the boat sold out ages ago, so try and sell your granny for a ticket when you’re over there if you can!  Also very much looking forward to a 4hr Cosmo special on the main stage next Monday….

In anticipation of slightly warmer weather (hopefully)  approaching, I thought I’d put together a little piece on The Garden Festival in Croatia:  The Pool will again be there this summer, and it is a really special little event in our eyes. This year the Festival runs from the 6th to 13th July 2011.

The Garden has been making waves  in the sleepy village of Petrcane on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia since 2006. Put together by Brits Nick Colgan & Eddie O’Callaghan, the festival has steadily grown over the last few years, but still manages to maintain the intimate feel which is so integral to its success.

Based on a peninsula with an incredible sunset vista across the Adriatic, the festival boasts: an open air main stage, sunset beach terrace, 70’s style nightspot Barbarella’s and, of course the Argonaughty – an old vessel which has seen some seriously hedonistic boat parties in its lifetime!

For me personally its a highlight of the summer calendar, and  a chance to catch familiar faces & meet some new ones as well…. In 2010 some delayed DJ flights resulted in The Pool taking on back-to-back boat parties with support from Foolish Felix & Mans from Rollerboys.  9 hrs at sea, very much a blur! but definitely an enjoyable one.

Also fond memories of playing North End ‘ Kind of Life’ to a busy beach bar at sunset last year, Greg Wilson enthralling a packed main stage, Dr Dunks keeping the boat rocking with only one CDJ after a booze related mishap & James Holroyd playing (another) brilliant set, Crazy P belting out their live show, and many more i can’t really remember!
Rather than me rattle on too much more, I spoke to some of the artists that have been involved in the Festival in recent years to get their take on all things Garden…

DAVE HARVEY (Futureboogie)

“We were lucky enough to get invited out to the first Garden Festival, a small affair with a handful of acts but a huge helping of great team action, from then it’s a been a permanent fixture in the calender.

With it’s incredible setting and just the right mix of music and people it’s become something a little bit special for everyone who’s had the chance to go and experience it. it’s possible to use so many cliche’s with the Garden and hard to avoid them, it really is that good.

Highlights – far too many to mention but a couple of moments that really stand out on a personal tip – dancing down the beach bar at sunset, sea lapping at my feet, listening to Joe Smooth’s Promised Land, thinking to myself, it really isn’t ever gonna get any better than this; and of course, our infamous “Everywhere” boat party – magical stuff, can’t wait for this year!”

DOM CHUNG (Future Disco)

“I was working with Eddie at his Club The Magnet in Liverpool when he found the site that would become The Garden Festival. I clearly remember him coming back and explaining his ideas and instantly believing that this was a concept that could and would happen.

My best memory is the original Boat Party we did with Faith and Basics which was one of those parties. It was supposed to go out for 4 hours, it ended up out there for 8. We had the boat police circling, Pizza’s on decks and a boy called Jerome who was just about to become the star of the weekend”

TERRY FARLEY (Faith / Junior Boys Own)

“So the Faith boat party at the Garden festival has become a thing of legend . The best crowd , the best music and the best drama – there is always drama from speed boats delivering pizza’s that fucked up djs tried to actually play on the decks to full on power cuts leaving a packed crowd singing Harold Melvin’s ‘The Love I Lost ‘ on a loop with on beat clapping until the lights came on and the roar went up . ..

Hand on heart its one of my favourite gigs of the year to play at and one of my favourite parties to dance , clap and holler at”


“Phat Phil Cooper told me about the garden after he’d been the first year it was on. When someone who’s been to the weird and wonderful places Phil has says it’s the best place on earth you have to take him seriously.
We were lucky enough to get involved the following year and we’ve never looked back – it’s a very special musical gathering in the most beautiful of surroundings.

Too many fantastic but increasingly hazy memories to recall, rest assured however you spend your time there, whether it be boat parties, the beach bar, main stage or Barbarella’s nightclub, it’s going to be massive amounts of fun”

I also managed to get a few words from the GF’s Nick Colgan on this years festival and what he’s especially looking forward to:

“We are definitely tingling with excitement about New York city’s disco giants ODYSSEY playing a full live show, hearing Back To My Roots, Native New Yorker and Inside Out under the stars will be mindblowing. Chicago house legend Larry Heard will be joined by his old cohort Robert Owens showcasing tracks that were the soundttrack of a whole generation. For new and grounbreaking acts Electric Wire Hustle from New Zealand are generating a great buzz at the moment and Tensnake has become recognised as one of the disco/house movements most innovative artist and producers.

This year we have decided to go Back To Our Roots with the fesival now running over a full week from the 6th to the 13th of July, part of the reason we extended to two weekends was to encourage people to stay for longer and make a holiday out of it, this has now been achieved as the overwhelming majority now come over for at least a full week and we will be programming every day from weds to weds with Beach stage, boat parties, clubnights and even full live events on the mainstage, and now festival goers will no longer have to agonise over which weekend to book.

As well as the usual preparations its important to keep up the profile of the festival during the grey months to remind people summer is on the way,one of the ways we have developed to do this is the Garden GetTogether tour which spreads the word with carefully chosen parties all across the UK and increasingly in Europe. Put together by the boys from FutureBoogie they provide a sneak preview of what to expect at the festival and a chance to reunite with friends made in festivals past, this years Get Togethers have seen sell out shows in Brighton and Manchester with the likes of Tensnake and Greg Wilson. We also have  upcoming parties in March in Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff .

The tour also spreads the love across Europe with FutureBoogie’s Joe 90 getting a warm welcome for the first ever Get Together in Budapest and parties lined up for Berlin,Ljubljana,Bologna,Sofia,Belgrade and Zagreb..”

This will be the 5th year at The Garden Festival for us at The Pool, and once more we’re taking over the Argonaughty on Sunday July 10th for a voyage with GREG WILSON, DR DUNKS & MATTY J & BEN TERRY.

Little taster of last year’s Pool voyage:

You can pick up tickets for our boat party (and all the other voyages) at:   THE GARDEN FESTIVAL website….  Come join the family!

The Pool – Ibiza Residency 2011

We’re very happy to announce that The Pool will be back in Ibiza this season, with a 4 date residency at the Islands premier party:  We Love Sundays at Space

We’ll be taking over El Salon to provide some alternative balearic flavour.

Full details below and we hope to see you in the sunshine…

Bristol Bank Holiday

Recovered from the long bank holiday yet? Good,  as there’s a couple more mere days away…

Maurice does his thing in the west country this weekend, one not to miss if you are in the area.

Also in Bristol this Saturday night are Ben Terry & Matty J, who take over the Big Chill for an extended back to back session.

This Weekend:

Sean P jumps on the Eurostar for this continental affair:

Matthew & Jolyon head to the very excellent Slow Blow party in Stockholm:

Also Myself & Matty will be playing at Paddy Freeform’s ‘Sounds Good’ party in London this Saturday night: