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The Pool at Wildlife 2014

Wildlife 2014

Over the course of a blisteringly hot weekend in the jungles of Dorset the venerable clubbing institution Lowlife performed the following magic trick…..

With weather on the warm side and everyone in full party prawn mode the Friday started off in the big top with a wonderful set of easy glide disco and some cracking edits from Lowlife’s own Misiu. Live music followed from Sexual Chocolate which saw party staples covered with an unctuous funky coating that the crowd devoured with gusto.

Pool boys Bob the Talc and Spice Route then had the honour of spinning a few; a light and airy spritz taking in PJ’s classic rub of the Orb as well as a few choice platters from the roster. Next up was our man Nice Guy Henning aka Telephones. As well as charming half the festival with his Nordic clemency Henning had packed a strong bag of plump 90’s piano clappers, exotic holiday chuggers and a rather sensuous dub of Marianne Faithful ‘Sex With Strangers’. The crowd were rapt with it and by the end of the two hours everyone was primed for Mr Fulton.

Closing things out in the big top Maurice beamed from ear to ear as he worked through house and disco classics with occasional dalliances with darkness. As the big top closed the throng moved in to the woods to the smaller woodland party hut. Ray Mang held court with aplomb whilst the Pool were in attendance giving a master class in funk energy.

Saturday began with Nancy Noise laying out a delightful aural brunch whilst the Pool leafed through the broadsheets with a frothy. It proved to be a personal highlight with rousing latin numbers rubbing together with Jean Luc Ponty album cuts and smile inducing cover versions. Later in the afternoon Gatto Fritto treated the masses to a suitably catholic collection of afro, disco and pop. Smiles were broad and a dance floor led by the caped crusader Horton Jupiter got loose and limber.

Next up the man with the most Balearic pair of trunks in the world Phil France took to the stage to perform songs from his record the Swimmer. An accomplished live band treated the crowd to a lush sound that left most eyes pricked with tears.

Later in the big top the lowlife overlords took the helm. From Frank Broughton’s buoyant selection of wonky discoid gems through to Mr Brewster’s tender trawl through lowlife classics old and new. The crowd, increasingly feral but nonetheless charming, were in fine voice and some vigorous shapes were cut.

On towards the pleasure hut and Piers H from the Soft Rocks fam sprang open a bulging wallet of house in many different shades. Moving though moments of deep tribalism, jacking territory including the Talc’s fave Armando jam and of course the money shot of Justin V’s mix of Talking Jungle. Mr Tantum took the reigns after this and a similarly bashy selection raged on including Motorbass Ezio.

The Sunday dawned and Mr Cook treated everybody to a sterling set of reggae breakfasters that made every little thing alright. It was at this point that the Pool had to repack the wagon and make haste to Mantua but reports tell us that Matthew & Jolyon put in a wonderful stint to close out- gutted to miss out and something for the to do list next year!

Big thanks to Lowlife for the hospitality!

Bill Brewster – Mix & Exchange

Bill Brewster drops a magnificent mix for Test Pressing this week, its been a heavy few days so I make no apologies for stealing their (very fine) words…

The Superstars Of Rock`s “Orange Sunshine” starts a trip back to a Harlem Brownstone, has you hanging out with Bruce Tantum, Rob Di Stefano, Peter Rauhofer, Danny Tenaglia, Vanessa Daou, Mood II Swing, Adam Goldstone, and a crazy queen called Jeffrey. Basic Channel`s boompt. Rainfall in a Plez-like metallic amazon. A filtered Funk express, an A-Train to Sugarhill. Farley & Heller`s “Afrosleaze”. DJ Pierre paying tribute to Ron Trent. All paeans to a high. A wild pitch. A prelude to sex.


You can also enjoy a very interesting RA Exchange with Bill which went live a little while ago..

check it here – RA Exchange – Bill Brewster


Bill Brewster, Music, Press


Seems we have a glut of great mixes this week, so I thought I’d bring them all together in one spot for you…

choose your weapons!

Dr Dunks – for Coggles

C111 Eric ‘Dunks’ Duncan (Rub ‘n’ Tug) Mix by Coggles on Mixcloud

Soft Rocks Live at Lowlife

Discodromo for Holger

Discodromo – Pool Exclusive Mix

Richard Sen for Strut

Lowlife Mixes

You can now grab mixes recorded from the Halloween edition of the ever wonderful Lowlife in London from The Unabombers & Bill Brewster, never the same as being there, but perhaps the next best thing…

The Unabombers live  @ Lowlife – Halloween 2011

Bill Brewster  live @ Lowlife – Halloween 2011


the dark arts out in force once more…

Todd Terje on a Celtic mission, both nights looking great…

Unabombers hit London for Bill Brewster’s Lowlife, if you don’t have a ticket yet, then why not!>?

and of course the Big Bear Stevie Kotey at Big in Japan on Friday…

Vintage Festival

A few images from the last night at Vintage Festival on London’s South Bank.  Nice evening for it and some great music and familiar faces making for a great little party…

Vintage Festival – London: South Bank

After a successful and highly acclaimed opening last year, Vintage moves to the capital in 2011, and kicks off on the South Bank this coming weekend.

The Pool are representing with several artists playing across the festival…

Greg Wilson curates the Style Studio & The Warehouse appearing across both arena’s plus the Soul Casino throughout the weekend.  More info on Greg and the rest of the curators here:  Vintage Festival – Curators

Whilst on Sunday night the Lowlife crew and The Unabombers are heading the lineup in the Studio area.

Last year’s Warehouse, also curated by Greg

Further info & tickets – Vintage Festival 2011

Matthew & Jolyon: Live at Lowlife

You can download the boys set from the recent Lowlife Halloween party here:  


Also you can pick up mixes from Bill Brewster, Dave Lee & others here:



Matthew & Jolyon, Music

Rizla Riverboat Shuffle

We joined Greg Wilson, Bill Brewster and Matthew Burgess from Lowlife on The Waverley last night, for the Rizla boat party.  Very good night and great to see some friendly faces. Dan Beaumont playing Johnny Bristol at one end of the boat while Greg dropped his edit of T-Coy Carino as we went through The Thames Barrier.

Thanks to Mark, Carl, Rob & all involved for making an ace party.

Greg Wilson