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Very pleased to announce another new addition to the roster, this time its Francesco De Nittis, but you may know him better as Mr Ties

We have a killer exclusive mix from Francesco and caught up with him to find out where he’s at right now…

– Is it right that you are now living in Istanbul? What made you move from Berlin to there

Yes it’s true ; I also reside now in Istanbul since half a year almost and I’m very happy about this choice…I’ve been living in Berlin for a long while and i just needed to feel the vibe of another city…Being Italian rootswise i appreciate the intense energy and the diversity of her culture … I was also looking for a city that is by the sea ; nothing makes you feel better than waking up with the sea as horizon…

– How is the scene in Istanbul, we know Mini Muzikhol guys well, Harvey loved his trip there recently, what is your favourite spot to play?

Istanbul has a very great vibe ; for my opinion Wake up call is a place I really enjoy playing and the all crew are really efficient and kind ; musicheads and very professional… Last summer they built up a beach club called Suma beach ; it has been very successful and parties there were so good

– Is your Berlin party Homopatik still going strong? Can you name 3 records that have been big for you at this party?

Homopatik is going better and better…Homopatik is very solid crew working all together to preserve the very authentic vibe and quality that homopatik regulars are expecting from us…We also have since a few month new resident Paolo di Nola who is for sure going to put as well a strong energy to the party…

– Can you share with us 3 records that have been big for you at this party?

there is 3 floors in homopatik so let me give you one for each…

FPI project lets go

Chaka Khan –  I’m Every Woman

Robert Armani Dusted Dancefloors

– Are there any particular labels and artists you keep an eye on?

I always keep an eye open on everything as much as possible…I have to say that honestly I have the luck to receive from labels or artists themselves a lot of records they d like me to hear  play…that makes this task easier for sure

– As you like to play extended sets…What’s the best approach for maintaining stamina in an all night set?

Banana Juice is the key!

– As  a Vinyl lover do you ask for Rotary Mixers on your technical rider? What is so special about them?

The technical rider is something that is very so specific also to the party you’ve been requested for…I do like very much the rotary mixer ; Though i found out i really like to use the Urei 1603…. I played very different sets and I guess I’d like to adjust my technical rider to it if possible.

– Are you a fan of Jim Burgess? If so do you play any of his productions out?

I possess records of Jim Burgess and i respect his whole career and what he built for Disco ; he is for sure a very important figure of the Disco. But if you want me to talk about someone im really fond of then I’ll choose the one and only Larry Levan…

– Have you ever been to visit Fire Island?

No I’ve never visited Fire Island but funny you mentioned it I was thinking of maybe buying a house there…ha

– Do you think the ‘harder’ sound of Berlin is getting softer and more melodic?

No I really dont think so if you take as exemple such parties as the Dystopain and Ground Theory just to name those then you understand its what people here want at the moment …

– Did you used to go to attend, Discodromo’s parties in Berlin? Are you a fan of their work?

Discodromo and I are very close friends so you can easily imagine i use to attend to their parties .To be honest its becoming harder and harder to assist to cocktail d’amore as im around a lot at the moment.

We for sure over the past years shared and experienced a lot of music together.

– How was the club scene in Rome before you left for Berlin? Any clubs or DJ’s that made an impact with you?

I was inbetween the club and the rave scene ; I always kind of navigate in both waters at the time…lets say that Nino Scarigo was somebody that for sure inspired me much back then
– Do you take any influence from the renowned Afro scene of the 80’s?

Depends which afro scene you are refering to  here.I actually dig a lot into afro German from the 70s ; I also can mention artists like Düde Dürst on his album Krokodil Solo,  &  krautrock or Augusto Martelli  for who I have a very special affection

– What was your favourite Italian dish growing up? :)

really…? well if you really want to know so i was crazy about a speciality from my mother hometown called la Farratta …how delicious…




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