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Mambo Ibiza Mix

Here’s some sunshine Sunday sounds for you to enjoy this weekend…

An extended meander through an afternoon at Cafe Mambo, drinking San Miguel and shooting the breeze. Recorded live in Ibiza for Kenneth Bager’s Music for Dreams event last month.

Ben & Matt DJ Set – Music For Dreams @ Café Mambo Ibiza – 25 August 2013 by Kenneth Bager on Mixcloud

Ibiza – David Phillips Interview

So, we’ve decamped to the white island for a few days, and ahead of our party at Boutique Hostal Salinas this evening we caught up with co-owner, DJ, raconteur, man about town and all round good egg Dave Phillips…


– how did Boutique Hostal Salinas come about?

In 2007 I joined up with two of my best friends Dusi and Anita to help run their their bar Lo Cura while they were having babies and we came across a long overlooked place in Salinas. At any given time we could think of 11 people who were here for a visit who we knew. This place has 11 rooms.

– How long have you been in Ibiza?

Since April 24th I think, 1992

– why ibiza, what’s kept you here all this time?

I did my teenage years in Marbella down south, and this is a much more groovy version. If you have a good first summer here it can be life changing. Mine was amazing, working behind the bar at Space and now after lot of traveling around dji-ing, having fun but not actually evolving too much, it’s home.

– is it right you originated from the west country?

Yup, born in Bristol, then Torquay, then Spain.

– do you believe in the power of ley-lines?

Is this the whole magnetic Ibiza thing? Well I’m not a disbeliever I just don’t spend much time thinking about it. There is a special energy here, and I’m sure some of it could be down to things like that but also the look of the place and the cultural history has a lot to do with it.

– what sort of shape is Ibiza in now in 2013?

Depending on where you look at it from, great or wobbly and pear-shaped. It’s doing well in the face of Spain’s predicament but not for everyone. There are the super rich here and the super skint. We are lacking the middle section to be honest which is good healthy tourism and the kind which best spreads lasting love. We will be putting up with Hummers and daftness for a while longer but they may eventually realize they really don’t get this weird music, and move on. We will all still be here then, dancing.

– how difficult is it for place like lo cura to survive in ibiza year on year?

Well we enjoy a lot of love and support from locals and people in the know so although the port at night is having a hard time as everyone runs amok in Playa d’en Bossa we can’t complain. Also off season we are one of the places to be and it’s a social hub for catching up after being busy busy all summer.

– its known amongst us & ours as the ‘lo cura time vortex’  what’s the craziest story (for publication) you can tell us about a night there?

Ok it’s been written about that I set Chris Bones on fire, which although being an accident, is true. One particular vortex forwarded us to 8am next morning where builders were digging up the pavement with deafening pneumatic drills. We were inside doing ‘Volcanoes’ where lit-in-the-mouth Sambuca is doused with cinnamon to create sparkly things in the air. Well worth the risk you may agree, but if said liqueur is spilt down a beardy chin it can and did catch alight. While we howled with laughter poor Bones was not well. He got better, bless him. A surreal exit though.

– you’ve got a day off (unheard of i know) where do you go and what do you do?

Head northeast, eat amazing fish in one of the 2 little local places Pou d’es Lleó or somewhere, find a deserted bay and lie in the sun reading and clearing my head with a bit of amateur freediving.

– what do you look forward to doing in the winter?

More of the above, plus sporty things, get fit, read, watch movies, sleep late, catch up on music, loads of home cooking, travel, go dj-ing, visit my family and get ready for feb / March where we set the whole roller coaster back in motion.

– you’re the longest serving resident at We Love? is that right, and do you still get that buzz from playing at Space?

I think Jason Bye was there before me but still. I used to play in Ibiza 6 or 7 days a week and doing the main room was still amazing. Now I’m not a main room guy but hosting our Lo Cura Lounge and playing a back room knees up with my friends is the last piece of a wonderful ‘full circle’ puzzle with We Love.

– Why are We Love the best firm on the island?

Everyone involved is really into and really good at what they do, that’s how they got the job. It’s also essentially built around a family unit with Darren, Mark, Sarah, Charlotte and Andy all closely related. They party like everyone else here but they also get things done and are incredibly well organized. There are no medals here for going mental partying, that is assumed. The respect comes from what you achieve meanwhile.

– big tunes of the summer so far for you?

I’m not in the clubs much because of busy busy busy but my big tunes aren’t probably that new. I got hold of Phil Kieran’s mix of Bush Tetras ‘Snakes Crawl’ which is kind of Rockabilly techno back room house belter thingy…I love it. Then some amazing edits by Jerome Derradji are bridging the gap between Paradise Garage and 2013 sound technology perfectly.

– is it right you have a new Pool at BHS now?

Yup! We love it. It’s a shallow one for lazy cocktails and a welcome addition in this august heat. Come for a dip and a sip!

We Love is open!

Kicking off the Ibiza 2013 season in fine style. Shouts to… We Love… Mark, Sarah, Andy, Leena, Amir, Ryan, Angie. Mr Phillips & Daisy (Lo Cura), Alfredo, Nick & Eddie (Garden Festival), Dave & Christophe (Futureboogie), Andy Wilson (Sonica), Jonny Lee (Last Night A DJ), Gavin Kendrick (Southport Weekender / A&R Edits), Wil (Ransom Note), Bicep, Carl Craig, Henrik and the Mint & Cheese Cake (Balearic special) from Fish Shack on Talamanca.


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We Love Space – Ibiza

Given the current weather in the UK you’d be forgiven for thinking that Summer is a long long way off, however… the We Love Space opening party kicks off their 2013 Ibiza season in only 8 weeks!

We’ll be back on the Island again this summer, beginning with Matty J in El Salon for the opening shindig alongside Ibiza Town party institution, host with most – Mr Lo Cura – David Phillips.  More details to follow about white island manouerves this year, but get booking those flights…

Here’s the lineup in full:


DISCOTECA – Born Electric


AFTER DARK – Fingerlickin Present 10 Years Of Trickatechnology

PREMIER ETAGE – The Garden Get Together

EL SALON – Lo Cura Lounge


Danny Rampling Interview

Early December sees a weekend of Shoom 25 parties in London, marking the momentous birthday of the famous acid house night. We spoke to Danny Rampling about these parties, his plans to get back into radio, Ibiza memories and that retirement party…

Hey Danny, would like to start just by touching on your radio career, obviously you played on Kiss & R1 for such a long time. Do you still miss that weekly connection to a radio audience that you had through the LGDP?

Yes I am missing it more than ever and have plans to get back where I belong on radio in 2013. Radio is an important part of my career in music and after 20 plus years’ experience I feel I’ve perfected the craft of presenting. Radio is much fun also and more importantly promotes music to a wider audience .

I remember recording those shows every week became a real pre-going out ritual.  As was bothering Paul Farris and Goldie in Uptown / Blackmarket the following week for all the new bits you’d played! How much music were you getting sent every week at the height of your Radio One days? and what did you do with it all?

I was being sent three large mail bags weekly of vinyl promos along with stacks of CD promos, my assistant DJ Paul Warren was a great help in filtering out unfinished unsuitable productions. Thursday and Friday was always so exciting, receiving deliveries by motorcycle courier, many straight from the studio. Acetates of upfront tracks, first powerplay productions, remixes every weekend, I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening mailers to such great music and then playing those cuts to the nation & creating a buzz.  We broke so many tracks on the shows over the years, It was also wonderful to be awarded silver and gold discs when the productions became huge hits (for my radio club support by the record companies and artists)

Do you think traditional radio still has the relevance & reach now that it did say ten years ago? Especially with the ease of access to music via the internet, and things such as Boiler Room streaming live performances every week over the web.

There still is a need for traditional radio particularly national stations like BBC Radio 6 for example. As great as online radio is and it has certainly transformed radio with huge variety, at present online radio is not available on the move, in cars on long journeys and many listen to radio in transit or whilst at work. I feel online digital stations are great, however you cannot beat that FM warm reception. There is a great difference in quality between the two sounds .

Let’s talk about Shoom a little bit; I would have been ten in 1988 so I obviously never went! But its funny how the club held a few hundred and yet everyone says they were a regular.. Does that give you a sense even now of how important it was/still is to people?

Shoom was the catalyst in London for the youth culture and House music movement back in 88, it was the early blueprint for the rave scene that later become the UK festival scene. There is no video footage of the club which has added an air of mystery. The love of the club also comes from the fact there was a strong message of unity that helped bring a generation together as one, and shape a scene which many people still have much affinity towards.

We live in very challenging and troubled times with conflict & discontent across the world, I feel things may well go full circle. Here we are 25 years later in similar economic & social decay and we as people always want reminding of times that make us feel happy and have made a difference in our lives.

Shoom made a very positive impact on all who attended and friendships were made for life. There is a continued interest in many of the clubs that contributed to our music culture like The Paradise Garage ,The Sound Factory, Wigan Casino, The Loft, Studio 54  & The Hacienda to name a few.

As I’m sure most people will know you’re doing a weekend of Shoom 25th anniversary parties this month, can you tell us a bit about the thoughts behind these & after such a long time why now?

The thoughts behind the events are of mixing past and present with audio & visual. Shoom 25 is not a reunion, more of a major celebration of our music culture. We have combined original innovators Derrick May, myself, Farley and Heller, Trevor Fung, Mark Moore, Larry Tee, Alfredo & Leo Mas (who were certainly a great inspiration in Ibiza back then to me and thousands of others)

The original innovators along with new wave of DJ innovators: Mat Playford, Space Ibiza, great DJ and one of the UKs finest producers. James Priestley from Secretsundaze who always delivers and is very integral to the London scene. Kris Di Angelis who is an amazing DJ on the London gay scene, Kris plays 23 different musical instruments and is set to become a leading producer in his own right . Ilona Inc : USA female DJ who has great energy and rocks the floor. Legendary Children from Dalston East London, just DJ’s who play great music.

Shoom was, and in the present is, about promoting new talent,music & ideas creatively with positive vibes.

I read the Shoom article in the Sun online the other week, did it surprise you to be asked to contribute that?  and does it feel like coming full circle given that publication’s well documented history with acid house?

Time has moved on and agreed the Sun were not supportive of the early acid house rave scenes, however what the newspaper did by publishing shock sensationalist stories helped fuel the rave scene across the UK, and within weeks everyone wanted to be part of it.

I feel the Sun’s website section for the music scene is supporting clubs, new talent, labels and music on the whole which is a benefit to the music scene here in the UK right now .The dance scene has experienced greatly challenging times in recent years with an economic downturn which has often impacted attendance at clubs, festivals & concerts.The more coverage & support we have the better .Supportive publicity is great for us all .

Aside from Shoom, Turnmills to me seems a club synonymous with you as a DJ, with your London Calling residency and of course the huge party you did there with Frankie Knuckles in Dec 2005. It seems London has a huge amount of affection for you and that Turnmills show really proved it, what do you remember of that night nearly 7 years on? (serious question as my recollection is very blurry..)

It was a very emotive night where I played close to 12 hours, I was in a very confusing place with my personal life, becoming a father and travelling the world as a DJ, not being home much (amongst other things) and decided to make an exit from doing what I love. Tthankfully I came to my senses and continue contributing & being part of the music scene. It’s what I do best and now have so much gratitude for being fortunate to do something I love, rather than being in a job I do not have passion or love for.

Turnmills 2005.

My journey in music feels as if it’s just beginning again right now. I feel the same feeling right now as when I started.

 That sort of turnout and the kinds of people who came down doesn’t happen very often, I thought Harvey’s return to London show the other week had a similar vibe actually,  what’s your view on Harvey and did you DJ together much in years gone by?

Harvey is one of the finest maverick DJs,  like Andrew Weatherall who came out of the early original London scene. Any DJ who plays by his or her own rules and plays innovative great music will always have a cult following and that was clearly respected & celebrated on Harvey’s recent visit to London .

Yes we played on the same bill at early acid House events, myself Andrew and Harvey at a time when there were no pigeon hole genre barriers. Music was music with different styles on same bill, it was a greatly eclectic period the original scene.

Do you still head out to parties fairly regularly when you’re not DJ’ing? I remember seeing you a lot  on the dancefloor at Space in Bar Rumba on a cold wednesday night late nineties!

Yes, I feel its important as a DJ to go out, dance & get lost in music on a dance floor from time to time. Recently was on the dance floor  at Jaded dancing to four hours of Raymondo Rodriguez’s music and at afterhours party Beyond. I still find the experience a great source of inspiration and love dancing.

Talking of iconic London clubs, does it make you sad we’ve lost so many of those great spaces such as Turnmills, The Cross etc? And do you have any favourite venues across town these days?

Yes those clubs are sadly missed, a great loss to london’s club scene. I frequent The Egg, Cable, Dalston Superstore,East Bloc ,East Village & Horse Meat Disco regularly at present.

We’ve had a monthly residency at Space in Ibiza for the last 3 years, and even in that short time its obvious the island is still evolving musically speaking, have you been recently? and how do you see Ibiza now?

First time in many years I did not visit Ibiza this year as was travelling elsewhere and enjoying the UK this past summer. Ibiza will forever evolve, hopefully though it isn’t going to turn into another overpriced table service champagne and sparklers party playground. Ibiza has always had an edge and hopefully that may long continue.

A well known Ibiza balearic DJ told me recently he started playing records years ago in order to further his mission to fuck german girls on holiday! Nothing to do with having an epiphany to ‘Stop Bajon’…  Do you think the Brits take ‘Balearic’ music too seriously?

We created the Balearic beats scene with the help of the Spanish DJs  it would never of happened without one another. The comment made was probably a good indication of how things were in Ibiza before the brits took the music and created a bigger scene with it all. Sure that DJ had much fun over those summers with the german girls! lol

Finally I know you’re involved with a mutual friend of ours (Jonny Lee) and the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (LNADJ) charity, Can you tell us a little bit about how that came about and why you feel its an important cause?

I became a trustee with the foundation as have known Jonny for many years and he comes from a place of good intentions to help others through his efforts which is the core values of the early Acid House scene Our aim is to reach out to the dance music community to encourage & enable it to support charitable causes.

We can see the dance community already becoming involved in many charitable events worldwide & our intention is to create a focus point where these acts of kindness can be identified and used to inspire others to do the same. We want to become a portal to report and publicise charity events, which are happening throughout the global dance community by using the help and support of others to let us know about them so we can help raise the awareness throughout our network.

The more of our community which use LNADJ as a focus, the more we are able to highlight the dance community’s ability & willingness to make a positive contribution to the world we live in.

We have an ever expanding database of DJs, promoters & a multitude of other contacts to enable those from our community who want to support charities to be able to connect with them. We are also a point of contact for charities who wish to use dance music to further their cause but have no connections in the dance music community.

Cheers to Danny for taking time out to chat. 

Shoom 5 present

Cajmere – Acid house
Cajmere -Time for the perculator (Jamie Jones remix )
DJ Pierre -We are Phuture 2012
Dj Pierre -Jack The groove
Creature -Phaze action mix

Shoom 5 Past

Gentry Ice –  Do u Wanna Jack
Phuture   – Acid Trax
Nightwriters – Let The music use you
Mr Fingers – Stars
Ten City  – Thats the way love is




The Pool – Ibiza 2012

Last Sunday we made the 4th and final trip to the white island for our monthly residency at We Love.. Sundays at Space. A fantastic way to finish up our 2012 Ibiza season.

A few thanks first off… Most importantly to everyone at We Love for presiding over such a brilliant summer –  Mark, Sarah, Darren, Andy, Leena, Jamie Low (Fat Neck), Ian Blevins, Doris, Ben Korbel, Con, Dave Phillips (Lo Cura / Hostal Salinas), Steve White, Amir, Gina, Ryan & all the PR team.  GRACIAS

And.. Terje, Bobby SR (Coulman’s Mustard), Jonny (My back garden is a Sunset) Lee, Andy Wilson (Sonica), Is this Balearic yet?… Mison, Padilla, Sa Trincha, Timm & Ampo, Gavin (hammock) Kendrick, Fred & Bekka, everyone at Space, Dusi, All Ends Up full crew, and Shhlong (Can I request an album or two?) Grierson. 

Not forgetting all of our guests who have absolutely done the business this summer, Dicky Trisco, Tiago, Dr Bob Jones & Soft Rocks. Hats off guys.

We’ve come away with a very healthy respect for the power of Hierbas, the importance of pork, and an heightened appreciation of the Lo Cura time vortex..

 Finally, of course, some shots from the weekend…



Of course the We Love.. summer is not quite over yet, and you catch Pool favourties PBR Streetgang as part of a monumental closing lineup on September 30th


We Love.. Dr Bob Jones

We caught up with our guest for this weeks We Love.. Sundays at Space – Dr Bob Jones..

Have you played in Ibiza before Bob? & what’s your take on the island & its hedonistic history?

Dr Bob J….. Yes I’ve played in Ibiza before, back in the early 90s I DJ’d for promoter Charlie Chester.

I remember spinning Soul in ‘Es Paradis’ to a full floor, Crazy times back then, but great fun. I embrace the whole Ibiza vibe, the way their clubs allow young and old to party. Also played for Simon Dunmore at a Soul Holiday he promoted back in the 90s.  I would love to live in Ibiza.

Who were the sorts of artists & DJ’s that inspired you in the early days?

My early musical influences stem from Rhythm & Blues and  Soul & Jazz in the 60s, so the artists that influenced me the most were The Temptations & Marvin Gaye (Tamla Motown), Jimmy Smith and the Blue Note Label.

Also Loleatta Holloway and Betteye Swann, both phenomenal female voices. DJs that influenced my early days  include Greg Edwards , Chris Hill and David Rodigan (UK). Also Walter Gibbons, Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries and David Mancuso (USA).

Your DJ career takes in a lot of the more legendary weekenders: Caister, Southport etc, do you still feel the Soul flame is burning strong in the UK?

For me the Soul Flame has never left the UK, it may dim a little now and then BUT the UK has an incredible legacy towards Black Music and believe me that will never die. The UK also has so much incredible talent and that is something that should be supported and not forgotten.

Radio is an area that’s obviously fairly close to your heart, are you still involved in this at the moment?

Yes I’m still involved in Radio in 2012, and it’s Internet based., I do miss the ‘closeness’ you get from broadcasting on FM. At the moment I’ve a monthly ‘Sunday Surgery with Dr Bob Jones’ for Solar Radio.com (3rd Sun /Month 4-6pm UK time) The Surgery on Radio is all about new Inspirational Black Music.

Also  I will be presenting a weekly show for a new station called ‘Mi-Soul’ that launches in Sept 2012 and is the brainchild of ex Kiss Fm founder Gordon Mac. ‘Mi-Soul’ will be on the net and hopefully broadcast on FM. I’m really exited about this.

Tell us a little bit about your association with Chilifunk, and how that came about?

I was asked by music friend and DJ, Lofty to record a track for a new label he was involved with called Chilli Funk Records.bI did a cover of Teddy Pendergrass’s ‘The More I Get…’ as East West Connection. I was then asked to join Chilli Funk as  A&R (with Lofty). I also recorded as East West Connection, True Spirit, Raw Cuts and The Interns.

I love Chilli Funk, it was an incredibly Soulful in it’s output of Inspirational Dance Music and it received acclaim all across the world’s dance-floors. Most of it’s releases still sound fresh today.

DJ wise, is there anyone you’ve heard recently that’s impressed you, old or new?

There’s some much quality Black Music around that’s now a Global phenomenon, so I find my self listening to music from all over the planet and not just USA or the UK. Zepherin Saint of the UK based Tribe Records and Club nights is really pushing barriers releasing tracks from Africa and beyond. I also love Oumou Sangare , Vick Lavender and V.L.E. , Zakes Bantwini, and  Boddhi Satva. All these and more are really blowing me away.

Are you still lugging vinyl around the place, or do you incorporate an element of digital now in your sets?

I play my DJ sets mostly from CDs with a little vinyl, especially if I’m performing a ’45’ special. I also embrace the Memory Stick technology, they are incredible space saving devices easy to use and ideal for taking abroad where weight was a problem with heavy vinyl boxes back in the day. Somehow I don’t trust myself to DJ from just a laptop, but  I do like to keep up with technology and take from it what I feel comfortable with.

Is it true Sav Remzi (Nuphonic / Tirk) used to carry your record box around Europe for you?

Yes Sav is a very, very special friend, our friendship goes back to the early 90s when Sav had an incredible club based in Lewisham South London called The Red Eye’

He then went on to run The Surgery Club nights for me and managed The Blue Note Club in it’s glory years in Hoxton, as well as the brilliant Nuphonic and Tirk Record labels. I love Sav’s superb taste in music and his outlook of life, he’s a great guy and I value his friendship very much. Especially when he’s carrying my record boxes

In Europe….LOL!

You’ve made the move out of London now,  How’s life outside the smoke and are you going to miss the olympic chaos!?

Life on the West Sussex coast is great, I live just minutes from the beach and I wouldn’t swap my place for London right now. I’ll avoid London and catch up with the Olympics via my TV.

By the way Ben, I must thank you and Matt so much for inviting me to play on the White Isle again. I’m so looking forward to spinning at Space on Sun July 29th.

Much respect and BIG LOVE.

Dr BOB JONES ‘So Soulful – It Hurts!’

45 years spinning quality black music across the planet….

We Love.. Sundays at Space

Just back from our first outing of the season at We Love..  great to be on the island once again, and a fantastic party with Dicky Trisco doing his thing with us in El Salon & Earl Gateshead bringing the dancehall over on the Sunset Terrace.

Thanks to Mark, Andy, Darren, Sarah, Leena, Andy Wilson, Steve & all the usual suspects!  Looking forward to doing it all again on Sunday July 29th with the esteemed Dr Bob Jones joining us in El Salon.

You can listen to a great live set from Dixon on the Terraza in the latest We Love.. Podcast, and also hear me chatting to Andy Wilson about a few records i’ve been feeling recently:


Also check Andy from We Love talking about El Salon this year, in an interesting little chat with Essential Ibiza:


Ibiza – This weekend…

We’re back!  Kicking off the first date of our El Salon residency at We Love.. Sundays at Space this year, Residents Matty J & Ben Terry are joined by special guest Dicky Trisco from the excellent Disco Deviance imprint.  We also have Trojan Earl Gateshead holding it down for Mr Doris’s excellent ‘After Dark Sessions’ on the Sunset Terrace.  If you’re on the island and would like to come down please drop us a message!

We caught up with Dicky Trisco himself ahead of the show…

The Pool – So, Ibiza then?  seems like you’ve been on the island for a few years now doing bits & pieces, what keeps you coming back?

DT: Naked people and sunshine mostly . But I also like beaches, swimming in beautiful coves, watching some of the best sunsets in the world and being with great people in a place that has a very special vibe about it. I love it.

The Pool – what’s been your experience with Space as a venue, from a punter’s point of view and have you played there before?

DT: Yes I played there last year for Futuredisco. Was a wicked experience. I love the energy at Space and when you are standing up top you can even hear the planes landing and taking off from the airport. Brilliant. Feels like everyone is coming to the party! And in terms of music I think Space and We Love in particular have been leading the way for a while now on the Island.

The Pool: Disco Deviance as a label seems to be pretty prolific, how did that kick off and how have things changed since you started back in 2007?

DT: I have always loved Disco music and Disco Deviance as an imprint is just an expression of that passion for the music really. It kicked off with all the new interest in Disco back around 2005/6 when Nu Disco was in vogue. At the time we were doing Boogie Corporation on 2020 Vision and our mission was to focus on the sounds we had always loved funk, disco, electrofunk etc and DD just kind of emerged naturally out of that really. I also came into contact with Greg Wilson for the first time around then and his DJ style,  immaculate programming and enthusiasm was a big influence on me.

The Pool: What release plans do you have over the summer, a traditionally quietish time for many labels?

DT: Ha…we are never quiet! I have just started up a new 100% original disco imprint called File Under Disco and we are super busy with that one at the moment. Lots of really fantastic music coming up. And it is just so exciting to be working with musicians and top producers making the disco sounds I have always loved. Really it is where I have always wanted to be. I feel very lucky. We also have releases out on Maxi Discs, the House imprint I run with my good mate Pete Herbert, and a few very special summer releases on the Tribute imprint by NY’s Dr Dunks and man-of-the-moment Late Nite Tuff Guy from Oz. Tribute is an 100% Balearic imprint for those special dance floor moments. And the Tuff Guy is someone who’s work I am really excited by just now.

The Pool: You’re approaching 30 releases now, do you have a personal favourite from your catalogue & how do you keep up the consistency amongst the hundreds of edits/tracks you must hear every month?

DT: My favourite is probably still the ‘Don’t Let Go’ edit by Pete Herbert…I had to fight to get that one and I have played it all over the world. It always works. Such an amazing song anyway, but he did a top job on it. But ‘Shack Up’ by The Revenge is pretty close as well and Graeme is one of the nicest people on the planet too. It is on the DJ mix I have done for We Love…just can’t get enough of that one.

The Pool: Describe for us what to expect from your DJ’ing style, is it very similar to your labels output?

DT: I like a party. And I think that is why Disco music just won’t go away..it is still one of the best soundtracks ever to really letting loose and going crazy on the dance floor. I feel honoured as a DJ to be able to supply the music for people when they move into that place and they just want to leave everything behind and be there for a while. It is an amazing thing to be part of. So really when I play I only play music that I love and I want to take the dancers to that special place. The rest I make up as I go along..

The Pool: You seem to travel a bit and have a few residencies on the go…how is that all going?

DT: This year has really been great on that front. I have been to Oz for the second time and out to Japan for the first time. Tokyo in particular blew me away. The people are ace. And I have also been holding down a monthly residency in what I regard to be one of the best clubs in the Universe, Minimuzkhol in Istanbul. It is such a special experience every time I play there and some amazing DJs have come with me this year – Pete Herbert, Chris Duckenfield and Rahaan – and we have had a great time. The crowd are just crazy. It is a small place but it totally goes off! And they love disco. I have a lot of good friends there now. Also been holding down residencies in London and at Autodisco in Scotland. It’s all good!

The Pool: Do you have a rubber dinghy in your rider as per some we’ve been seeing recently, and if not what’s your poison!?

DT: Havana and Sprite please with a slice of lime and keep them coming..

The Pool: Finally, are you an offshore tax haven don, or under the bed in a shoebox man?

DT: I spend what I get and enjoy every minute of it.


We Love… Dicky Trisco 2012 by welove

Adriatic / Balearic

Just a quick reminder for those that are heading to sunnier climes over the next week or so that you can catch The Pool in Croatia later this week, and then on to Ibiza to kick off the 2012 residency at We Love.. a week on Sunday.

Greg Wilson, Eric Duncan, PBR Streetgang & Matty & Ben will be representing at various beach & boat parties at The Garden Festival this week.

on Sunday 15th July Matty & Ben host Mr Disco Deviance – Dicky Trisco in El Salon at We Love.. Space, while Earl Gateshead drops the roots for Mr Doris’s After Dark Sessions…

Look out for an exclusive mix from Dicky Trisco coming soon.

If you’re going to be on the island hit us up for list. Should be a belter…

See you in the Sunshine!