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Talking to Thomas

Speaking in a 2008 interview Thomas Bullock muses, “disco is not like,“good or bad, it’s just whether you disco. Do you or don’t you disco?”

In answer to his own question Thomas Bullock’s freewheeling, nomadic, overwhelmingly creative and sometimes overtly hedonistic existence has been very much a case of doing disco; its ethos of acceptance and exploration firmly ingrained in him.

Without needlessly re-treading old ground, its simply worth pointing out that whether amongst the yellow bass bins of Tonka, delivering debauched dance sermons to the sweating masses of NYC via early Rub N Tug, or tweaking out with his mate Harvey as Map of Africa, Thomas Bullock is well travelled, spiritually as well as geographically.

His boundless creative exploration has taken him into pastures (or should we say canyons) new, within the past few years.  Thomas has found himself falling head over heels for the distilled sap of the agave plant commonly known as the Mexican produced spirit Mezcal. So much is his love for the liquor that he has set up his very own import company named the Spirit Bear Mezcal Company and has embarked on a quest to spread the word on the wonders of the drink.

The latest instalment takes place this weekend in Bristol with Dirtytalk bringing Thomas to the Looking Glass on Saturday 23rd November for a unique tasting and dancing session. Dirtytalk are long term fans of Thomas’s output and burgeoning Mezcal aficionados, so this party promises to be a first for Bristol in many ways.

In anticipation of the night the Pool took the opportunity to peel themselves away from work for a wee while and direct some questions to Thomas.

Read on for some chat that takes in Berlin oblivion through to Thomas’s new experimental music group… and a sneak shot of the new Tom of England record that drops this Friday…

As a man that has travelled a lot and lived in many places, how do you find living in London in the year 2013?

It took a minute to switch gears from NYC but I have it now, locked in 5th and I wouldn’t want to go back. It’s a mysterious place London, I find. Far more private and subtle. I feel I’m learning a lot from it.

Have you been back to Cambridge since you have been living in London?

Yeah, for a minute. Felt good. It’s so easy. Like a good dream.

Did you ever try and visit Syd Barrett in Cambridge? Was his work an early influence?

He used to visit the town some days. He’d appear, fairly regularly, in the Market Square, long black hair matted, a vest and no shoes yelling wildly in the streets. Really. He was a fixture as I grew up. Just another one of the maniacs we were familiar with in the town. Wasn’t till I was a teen someone pointed out who he was. Didn’t change the way I felt about him. I still liked him.

Do you have a pre-existing relationship with Bristol as a city? In terms of your musical direction, or are we talking uncharted waters? Any Bristol memories..

I played here 3 times in the 80’s. Twice in the Thekla? is that right ? And once, a Tonka do that ended up in a blues that got a bit hot when it was understood we’d all just played and been paid so we chipped smartish.

Is it true Bristol resident… Mr Tim Goldsworthy is involved on the long awaited Rub N Tug LP? How did you guys originally connect what is his role in the project?

Indeed, TG is now at the helm and we’re delighted. I met him in 2000 over a meeting with DFA to sign my band ARE. I was into it but the other two said no. It was the beginning of the end to be honest.

You and Eric were from memory very early to play what is now the legendary Ostgut/Berghain club in Berlin. Do you have any memories from that time when you first brought the Rub N Tug invasion to Berlin / Europe that you would like to share? 


Ha ! Just kidding. Sure, but they’re all straight forward memories of you know, being wasted in Berlin. It was cool. Nothing special. Rub n Tug. People liked what we were doing. I think it was new there. Our sound and style.

Is there any chance map of Africa LP 2 will ever see the light of day? 

As to Map Of Africa II, I think so. The songs are recorded and really quite good. I’ll have a word with Harv . .

Has a Map of Africa live show ever happened?

In the barn, many a time. Harv and I, floppy boot stompin’ around in the woods. Some of it we recorded and made the record from.

I saw you getting some nice praise in an RA ‘favourite DJ’ feature last week, anyone you’re keen to big up that you’ve come across recently?

Really ? How nice. I swear, I exist creatively in a bubble. Never any idea what’s being received or how. DJ’s/music for me : The Melbourne/Bamboo Crew. Georgia, a genius duo out of Manhattan. EYE from the Boredoms. I would never miss a set of his if I had the chance to go. Theo Parrish too.

The Spirit Bear Mezcal Ensemble came out with a remarkable record this year. Are there any plans for further releases or was that just a single instance live happening never to be repeated?


Oh, we’ve done another with a few extra players joining the core group. We had Dave and Steph from Soulwax sit in, literally, on the ground, for 5 hours. And Susumu from Zongamin too. All recorded. Nice session.

What is the Spirit Bear and can it only be summoned upon consuming the correct amount of mescal?

Si. Soy el espíritu oso and you’ve got to drink the good hooch to tune in. Seriously. Not that every one must drink it. But if one does, it does put you in a great and unique place.

Have you always been a fan of spirits or has it been something that has come through your maturation as a person?

Ha. No, I’ve never been into spirits at all. Just the Mezcal. It’s got it’s own thing which is the thing I like.

The venerable Morgan Geist is effectively at number one in the UK right now, any designs to be on TOTP from your end? (Mezcal + Bears, what could go wrong)

Number one what ? DJ ? I had no idea. Well that’s cool. I’ve always preferred the B sides, so to speak, so mainstream action is something I’ve never understood as attractive at all.

Do you have an Mexican disco records we need to know about?

Good question ! I might come to think of it . . Or a least a coupla western themed bad boys. I’ll try dig em out for Saturday

New Roster Addition – YOUNG MARCO

We’re very pleased to announce that Amsterdam’s finest: Young Marco has joined The Pool roster. Contact us at the usual spot for any enquiries

Being the very nice man that he is, Marco has shared with us an exclusive new edit, which is yours to download from The Pool Soundcloud.  Make sure you follow us for more giveaways coming soon…

Marco also took time out to chat with The Pool’s Rob Needham ahead of a busy few weeks…

You currently reside in Amsterdam. Have you lived there all your life?

Not really, I used to move around a lot, but I have been living here for a good ten years now, long enough to call it my home I guess. I love this city.

What attracted you to amsterdam?

Its a pretty unique place. All the pros of a small city in term of getting around and stuff, and none of the cons a huge city, its pretty openminded, and an awesome musical hub. The city is not big enough that really isolated cliques can form, so everyone is kind of forced to interact with each other, in a good way. Its an amazing microcosm of weird characters doing their own thing.

were you heavily into music before you moved to amsterdam?

Back then I was mostly skateboarding a lot, but music was such an integral part of that, for me at least, so yeah I guess..

the small amount of skating videos i have seen have been soundtracked by punk or hip-hop

I actually listened to both punk stuff and hip-hop, which was not per se common. It wasn’t all that black and white though..

But I was also a pretty big closet geek and heavily into programming and would listen to a lot of Warpy electronic music cause it made you feel all smart while you were writing code!

So this was early 2000’s – what was the music & club scene in amsterdam like back then?

For me the club scene was pretty big on hip hop back then, lots of parties, and we had a fat beats record store here that fed a whole scene. A big part of the scene in amsterdam is rooted in hip hop..

when did you start to buy vinyl?

I guess early 2000’s, I didn’t even have a turntable back then, but it just made sense somehow ha.

then you bought 2 turntables at once?

After the whole hip hop scene thing sort of imploded here, there was a lot of room to play all kinds stuff. And I started doing some parties with friends, and kind of taught myself to play in a club. Which I think is a pretty good way to learn how to DJ, cause you’re not so anal on mixing at first and think more about selection.

Did you have a weekly residence?

Yeah a couple, usually bi-weekly or monthly, clubs like Studio 80, Flexbar, Club Up. A lot of backroom action, which was perfect to play long sets and a selection that went al over the place, disco, house music, psych, new age, early electronics whatever. Mind you, the parties I was involved in were usually not very successful haha, and left us in debt a lot of times, but I felt it was important that stuff like that was happening in Amsterdam.

so were you interested in where the samples came from when you were buying hip-hop?  is this what led to you picking up all sorts of sounds?

Yeah, a bit, and i’ve always had super inspirational people around me with a very open minded mentality towards music, like my then DJ partner Orpheo, the Rush Hour family, so many people. The serious digging really came about when I met Tako just when he moved to Amsterdam, who now runs the amazing red light records store with Abel. He’s been a huge inspiration, and put me on to so much stuff. We used to do the heaviest listening sessions at his then tiny apartment, pretty much tripping our balls off listening to new age music.

Is amsterdam good for digging up old records?

I’ve found some amazing stuff in amsterdam, but i’ve found amazing stuff everywhere, I don’t go out looking for this one rare record, I don’t care, you can find something great in every shop, whether its dollar bin jams or some expensive overpriced record. When it sounds good it sounds good.

What kind of stuff you been digging for? Care to share any recent discoveries?

Whatever I run into, but lately i’ve been really into finding proto housey stuff, accidental dance music, which is super interesting for me cause it is really naive and functional. Stuff on libraries obviously or soundtracks for interpretive dance haha. Or some 80’s record and the track I like most is probably intended as filler. But these tracks stood the test of time much more than the other tracks because the guy was just not thinking too much and going for it, you know?

So what led you into production?

I just started buying some gear. The first thing I bought was a poly 800, then I borrowed my friend Parra’s MPC2000xl (which im still using today, thanks Piet!) Then I just kept buying shit and jamming out, but I was only buying cheap affordable stuff, which I found a bit embarrassing at first cause all these guys around me had expensive moogs and stuff, but I soon realized that all the tracks I really like are made on crappy cheap stuff. Its ridiculous that people pay 2000 bucks for some monophonic overhyped thing when you can buy a fucking Wavestation for 150 euros..

And your productions. they are quite heavy on ethnic sounds..reaching for some other worldly ambience?

Hmm yeah I guess, but not really consciously. I just listen to weird stuff all day, which probably bleeds into the stuff I’m making.

I like it when tracks are super intuitive, and I kind of force myself to make music in that way….its all jams, I don’t really ‘produce’ tracks. I just press record, and jam out with some machines, tiny bit of editing and thats it. No tough decisions. I don’t really try to make music for clubs or anything, just stuff that tells it like it is…

You have just released your 2nd ep for ESP. How did the hook up with Lovefingers come about? what do you think of the label?

I guess I know Andrew through Tako, and he came over and played one of the parties I was involved in.

I took a break with DJing for a while to kind of focus more on making music, which was super liberating, cause I stopped making music for this utopian imaginary club and just made stuff that really meant something to me. ESP just seemed a perfect fit, theres no boundaries, no genres, and total freedom. There is not many labels around these days that would be willing to take the risk of releasing the stuff Andrew’s releasing.

Great to have you on board and thanks for the great mix. Can you tell us a little about the tracks you put on there…

Its not very conceptual or anything, just me playing a couple of records.

Some newer stuff i’m digging, some old stuff too. I was blown away recently by this david van tieghem record thats in there, which is a piece of mindboggling proto house.

And also the track at the end, which I had to cut short because of a dusty needle, is this crazy jacking south african track which im really digging.

Anyways, thanks dudes… glad to be aboard!




Young Marco

Tiago – New Live Mix

We’ve got a fantastic live mix from new addition to the roster Tiago, recorded at Dirtytalk in Bristol last weekend. Check out the 90 min excerpt from his set below.

TIAGO @ DIRTYTALK // TB2 03/03/12 by tb2_Bristol


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Tiago update

Tiago flys into the UK to play Dirtytalk in Bristol this weekend, a party that is rapidly turning heads with the quality of their bookings. Rather than explain myself, I thought I’d steal the words from this weeks Metro instead.

Tiago also has some great new studio work upcoming, you can check the music below:

[ESP008A] Soft Rocks – Talking Jungle (Justin Vandervolgen Remix) b/w Obo (Tiago’s ESP Disk Mix) by ESP Institute

Hidden Fees – So What (Tiago’s One Good Mistress Deserves Another Dub) Sample by Solei’d Music Group

Freshit 07 | MC Gaff E – Cave Hoar | 96K snippet by Freshit Recordings


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Straight back on the horse

Hope you all had a nice break over Christmas & New Year.  We’re slowly easing back into things this weekend at DIRTYTALK in Bristol, with Matty J, Ben Terry & the very excellent Hunee…

The party is going monthly this year and some great guests are lined up, starting with a nice chance to blow those cobwebs away.



A quick mention for this little party happening down in Bristol at TB2 this weekend.

Nice Berlin line-up in Room 1 from the Tanstaafl crew, while Soft Rocks & Matty & Ben take care of business in room 2.

Come down & see us if you’re in the area…


Lots going on in the south west this weekend…  up in the Malvern Hills The Big Chill is once more ready to go… and some Bristol heat as well for those more inclined to stay in the city.

Friday Night sees Stevie Kotey doing the big bear thing & for Sunday closing up its Justin Unabomber – both on the Southern Comfort Juke Joint Stage.  Go See.

Bill Brewster plays the inaugural ‘Big Chill Radio Stage’ on Friday, with The Pool’s own Matty J & Sheffield’s finest Maurice Fulton dropping by on Sunday.

Down the road, Reggae party starters Trojan Soundsystem are starting the bus in Bristol:

and a little plug for The Pool’s Rob Needham, who’s Dirtytalk party is going from strength to strength, and continues with another ace lineup this Saturday, also in Bristol.

Make mine a Cider yeah?

Bristol Bank Holiday

Recovered from the long bank holiday yet? Good,  as there’s a couple more mere days away…

Maurice does his thing in the west country this weekend, one not to miss if you are in the area.

Also in Bristol this Saturday night are Ben Terry & Matty J, who take over the Big Chill for an extended back to back session.