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The Pool – Ibiza 2012

Last Sunday we made the 4th and final trip to the white island for our monthly residency at We Love.. Sundays at Space. A fantastic way to finish up our 2012 Ibiza season.

A few thanks first off… Most importantly to everyone at We Love for presiding over such a brilliant summer –  Mark, Sarah, Darren, Andy, Leena, Jamie Low (Fat Neck), Ian Blevins, Doris, Ben Korbel, Con, Dave Phillips (Lo Cura / Hostal Salinas), Steve White, Amir, Gina, Ryan & all the PR team.  GRACIAS

And.. Terje, Bobby SR (Coulman’s Mustard), Jonny (My back garden is a Sunset) Lee, Andy Wilson (Sonica), Is this Balearic yet?… Mison, Padilla, Sa Trincha, Timm & Ampo, Gavin (hammock) Kendrick, Fred & Bekka, everyone at Space, Dusi, All Ends Up full crew, and Shhlong (Can I request an album or two?) Grierson. 

Not forgetting all of our guests who have absolutely done the business this summer, Dicky Trisco, Tiago, Dr Bob Jones & Soft Rocks. Hats off guys.

We’ve come away with a very healthy respect for the power of Hierbas, the importance of pork, and an heightened appreciation of the Lo Cura time vortex..

 Finally, of course, some shots from the weekend…



Of course the We Love.. summer is not quite over yet, and you catch Pool favourties PBR Streetgang as part of a monumental closing lineup on September 30th


Sunset Session – Balearic Mystique Ibiza

Here’s the first part of a sunset session we did for the ace Balearic Mystique party in Ibiza, run by Jonny Lee & Ian Kennedy. 2hrs of a very mixed bag down at Sunset Ashram. Hope you enjoy…

Matty J & Ben Terry live at Sunset Ashram Ibiza – Part I by benterry

Ibiza this weekend…

Can’t believe its the closing parties already! But we have a few more details on our final ibizan odyssey for this summer…

We’re back on the island for a final September love in before the end of the season.

Myself & Matty will be playing a little sunset session for Balearic Mystique on Saturday night (24th Sept) at Sunset Ashram in San Josep. There will be a very special guest vocalist & the obligatory amazing sunset.

You can also catch us playing at the legendary Pikes Hotel during the weekend, but you’ll have to keep your ear to the ground for that one…

And finally we’ll be popping up on Ibiza Sonica next Tuesday at about Midday, (11am UK time) so tune in and see if we’re still talking sense after that little lot!

As mentioned previously…we will be at the main event this Sunday – The epic ‘We Love.. closing fiesta’ at Space. Joining us will be Dave Harvey from Futureboogie, who chats to us in an exclusive interview below, and Jamie Bull from Homoelectric, who drops an exclusive mix for We Love, you can check it out here:



– How do you see the Bristol music scene at present?

There definitely seems to be something in the water at the moment, the city’s bulging at the seams with talent and the general vibe seems to really be bringing out the best in people. With such a small city geographically you get this real melting pot, there’s a real sense of community and cross pollination  – there’s so much ace material coming from there at the moment, it’s top – and a genuine feeling of solidarity amongst everyone involved – everyone likes the odd drink or two as well which helps.

– How long have you lived in the West Country?

Been in Bristol for 10 years now – which takes my stage up to, oh let’s say 29 – and its’ starting to take effect on my accent now!

– City or Rovers?

Queens Park Rangers

– Why does your neck of the woods hate Tesco so much? Not offering a decent return on their clubcard points?

This is dicy territory but essentially the area that the now infamous Tesco opened recently, really is quite a unique neighbourhood, a large section of the community didn’t want a faceless mega corporation moving in and quite rightly used their right to protest – unfortunately it kinda got hijacked and became something else entirely in the end but in essence it was good to see people trying to make a stand for something they believe in, however when you go up against a company that “funds” new police stations as “favours” you aren’t gonna get the backing of the government . There’s a lot more I could say on the matter but I think it’s probably best left at that!

– You recently did a big street art project with Bristol council. How did that all go? What is Bristol’s obsession with painting on walls?

It was amazing – we had nearly 20,000 people down to the event over the course of the day, from OAP’s to kids, buzzing and enjoying themselves – there was a real sense of Bristol pride for everyone, there really aren’t many cities that would not only allow you to do something like that in the centre of town but really get behind it and help us to make it happen. Music, sunshine, graf – it was so much fun and we were really chuffed to be a part of it.  The city in general is really graf friendly – Stokes Croft is like a living art gallery, there’s fresh pieces goin up all the time and it’s wicked, I’m massively into our city – can you tell?

– What is in the air with the Idle Hands, Julio Bashmore post-dub-step-future-boogie revolution?

It does feel like I’m repeating myself but this whole melting pot of sounds that make up the Bristol scene – and in fact dance music in general these days – is leading to some really fresh interesting tunes. You have all these people who have grown up on everything from dusbtep, jungle, house, techno, creating this almost fusion sound – I think it’s ace, people like Appleblim, Kowton, Arkist, Al Tourettes, Pev, Bashmore – I could go on and on  – comin out with really across the board stuff that you can’t really pigeonhole. Everyone likes everything, eclecticsm is massively in and I love it.

– When did Futureboogie kick off? I remember going to parties called ‘Seen’ with heads like Rainer Truby and Gilles way back when?

We started the night nearly 10 years ago – massively old bastards – it was originally called Seen and Futureboogie was kind of the umbrella term for everything, including the website, radio shows, agency and so on. We always kept the bookings really across the board, cos that’s what we like, DJ’s who’ll play anything as long as it’s good – had some great times and hopefully there’s still some more in the tank.

– Mr Steve Nickolls and yourself, tell us more? How did it all happen?

Guardian Soulmates – that’s all you need to know.

– Futureboogie recordings is your own label with Steve and Julio is that right? Explain why you started it and how owning a label is in the era of the hash-codes and androids is treating you?

We’d been talking about it for years, almost come close a  few times but never really seized the moment. I met Bashmore playin before him – he dropped Father Father and I was like, wow, what’s that, can we sign it and that was that. We’ve been amazed at the response we’ve had – totally never expected to get so much love back from everyone and we’re just well buzzin about it all – we’ve got some ace music coming out in the next few months and keep finding new shit that is gettin us excited so fingers crossed it’ll keep goin as it has. Harping on about Bristol again but there really are so many great producers at the moment, it’s exciting!

– Team Love is your events company for putting on lavish dance arenas in muddy fields across the land, is that about right? How did all that start?

Myself and my partner Tom – the real talent in the outfit – got the chance to run a venue at Glastonbury, The Igloo – we managed to pull it off without anyone getting hurt and it’s just built from there really. We’ve now got our own stage in Dance Village, The Wow and it’s fuckin great – we used to go there and break in as kids and now they let us be in charge of something really exciting. That’s lead on to running stages at other festivals, booking acts and generally trying to get away with what we can – it’s a bit of a dream job to be honest, getting to put on loads of artists that we love, and making massive rave action- there’s loads of stuff in the pipeline so if you like fun, keep em peeled for next year.

– What do you make of the Festivals this summer? Was the love strong?

Absolutely! There were so many  highlights – The Garden in Croatia was absolutely off the hook this year, boatloads of love, Secret Garden Party was as ever total class, such a great festival, See No Evil, the street art event, The Red Bull Music Academy stage at St Paul’s Carnival – massive loads of team love action with everyone gettin right stuck in – the family is big and getting bigger!

– Will we see a Team Love Festival of your own one day?

Let’s see shall we 😉

– So onto Space are you excited? What’s your take on Ibiza? and what’s in your box?

Totally buzzing about playing at Space – it’s no overstatement to say it’s a proper honour to get to play there, met all the crew in the last few days and they are proper music lovers who like to party and it really shows, great vibe in there last week. I’ve only been to Ibiza a couple of times before but lovin it this time – strong team out here and if I can make it til the end of the week intact it’s gonna be smashing!

– Biggest Tune of the summer for you so far not on your own label?

Think it’s gotta be the Ame remix of Osunlade Envision – massive tops off dancefloor action – lovin it and everytime we play it, goes right off.

– One to watch for the autumn? (self promo allowed)

Cor blimey, there’s so many of em but totally gonna have to back my Futureboogie family on this one – keep em locked on Waifs & Strays, Christophe & Lukas have got some proper killer bits comin out,at the tail end of the year, Behling and Simpson, Eats Everything, Bashmore of course, he’s killin it – and the PBR Streetgang lads, watch this space cos they have got some belters and it’s about time they blew up – now I know that’s more than one but they all deserve a mention!

– Festival moment of Summer 2011?

The Cure at Bestival – incredible!

– How good was Croatia again?

Absolutely magical, now – GET YOUR TOPS OFF!

Big Thanks to Dave & Jamie for all words & music.