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I caught up with Greg after a busy festival season, and asked him about his records of the summer, his new ‘Living to Music’ project and what he’s upto in the next few months…

You were down at Bestival very recently and obviously have had an association with the event for a while now: how was it for you this year? & what do you like most about the festival itself and the way Rob and his team put it together?

GW: Yeah, Bestival’s definitely a summer highlight for me – had some really special gigs there during the past five years, and this was another memorable one. The Bollywood tent was bulging at the seams!

I like the size of Bestival, not too big not too small, and the whole fancy dress aspect adds to the vibe. Rob gets a great balance with the acts and DJ’s he books – I think it’s a place of discovery for many people, where they might stumble into an area and find themselves really getting into something they hadn’t previously been exposed to. I know this from the amount of people who tell me that they first saw me play at Bestival.

Greg’s live mix below:

BESTIVAL 11.09.10 (greg wilson live mix) by gregwilson

At the start of October you’re playing on the Rizla Riverboat party in London, Are there any other boat party memories that stand out for you? and how are you looking forward to this one? which promises to be quite special, given the rich history of the vessel itself.

GW: I’ve done a few now, at the Garden Festival in Croatia, in Sydney, and last year in London. Many moons ago in the late 70’s I promoted a couple myself on the Royal Iris, which sails up and down the River Mersey. We used to have fancy dress themes. I’m also doing one for Adrian Luvdup in Manchester next April.

The Rizla Riverboat has already sold out – I’ve had a lot of emails from people trying to locate spare tickets, but it looks like they’re unfortunately going to miss out. I’ve only one more London gig before the New Year, at East Village in Shoreditch, so I’ve been telling them to get along to that instead – it’s on December 18th, but might be worth getting tickets early.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your ‘Living to Music’ project for those who may not yet have come across it?

GW: It’s best explained at the blog – this is the original post:

The next session is at 9pm on Sunday 3rd Sept, when we’ll be listening to ‘Abbey Road’ by The Beatles. The first two sessions (‘What’s Going On’ and ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’) exceeded all expectations. It’s a simple idea really – to sit in your home and listen to a classic album, either alone, or in company, sharing this experience with others in different locations who are listening to the same album at the same time.

Some people then share their impressions in the comments section, which is a really important part of the whole process. Certain guidelines are, of course, necessary (turning off your phone being a must) to set the proper environment – it’s all outlined at the blog.

What do you have coming up between now and the end of this year studio & release wise? Seems quite a busy time for you at the moment, remixing Mercury prize winners The XX as well i hear?

GW: I actually had this mix done back in February, but it’s only just about to be issued (October I think – 12″ in Japan, digital elsewhere), which is good timing now they’ve just come to wider attention via the Mercury prize.

It’s on the Bestival mix if anyone wants to check it out – it’s one of their best-known tracks, ‘Night Time’.

Finally, seems like the summer is pretty much on its way out of the building now, but what record really worked for you in the sunshine this year?

GW: Five particularly big ones for me over festival season have been my edit of T Coy’s ‘Carino’, Henry Greenwood’s mash-up of Sharon Brown’s ‘I Specialize In Love’ and Diana Ross’s ‘Love Hangover’, Psychemagik’s edit of ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac, my edit of Leo Zero’s mix of ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’ by Florence & The Machine, and the Bionic edit of ‘Last Train To London’.

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Greg Wilson

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