GLastonbury & Garden

Just back from a brilliant Glastonbury, superb weather, lovely people and top music.  Thanks to everyone for having us down, Greg, Maurice, Bill, Psychemagik, PBR Streetgang & Soft Rocks all smashing it throughout the weekend, Big mentions especially Carl at Stonebridge, Nick at Beat Hotel, Gideon & co at Block9 & the Crack team! Maz, Team Johnson, Simon Whitehead, Cecilia and everyone else!

You can check out Greg’s Stonebridge Bar mix below:

Next up is another group outing  – The Garden Festival Tisno…  We look forward to this weekend probably like no other, and a great crew heading over this year.

Catch Greg Wilson, Eric Duncan, Matty & Ben on the Pool boat party on friday, with Tiago, Justin V and Eric again doing the business in Barbarella’s the same night.

Greg, Young Marco, Psychemagik, Maurice Fulton, PBR Streetgang all spin during the course of the weekend. full lineup below – raving on the beach!!!

Glastonbury 2013

Watch out for The Pool in Pilton this year including…

Greg Wilson, Maurice Fulton, Psychemagik, Bill Brewster, Soft Rocks, PBR Streetgang

and The Pool DJs.

More information coming soon. See you on the farm…



Psychemagik – Magik Sunrise

The Psychemagik boys are back with a killer new compilation on Leng, following the critically acclaimed ‘Magik Cyrkles’ that dropped towards the end of 2012 on the same label. Full PR & Tracklist below.

The compilation is available to order now, shipping mid May…

Having wowed critics and crate-diggers alike with 2012’s acclaimed Magik Cyrkles compilation, Psychemagik are now ready to unleash the follow-up, Magik Sunrise.

Bristling with psychedelic, cosmic and curiously Balearic oddities hand-picked from the depths of their vast record collections, Magik Sunrise is, if anything, even more inspired that its predecessor.

Given that Magik Cyrcles was widely considered to be one of the best compilations of 2012, that’s some feat. That collection garnered praise across the board, appearing in the end-of-year charts of Rough Trade, Juno and Piccadilly Records. As if that wasn’t enough, DJ magazine also described it as “f***ing great!”

For Magik Sunrise, the Kent-based duo have dug even deeper into the dusty corners of their record vault, deep in the Cosmic Forest. The result is another inspired, 15-track collection that gleefully skips between all manner of forgotten gems and little-known nuggets, occasionally stopping to acclaim an otherwise unknown track or artist.

Off-kilter African reggae (Max Adioa) nestles side by side with eyes-closed deep-jazz funk (Rob Mehl, George Oban), while the stoned, Balearic prog rock of Jeff Liberman jostles for position with the Steve Miller Band-on-valium goodness of Fox’s “The Juggler”. Then there’s the Roxy Music-ish grooves of Joey Newman, the drifting new age ambience of Iasos (whose “Formentera Sunset Clouds”, from the 1975 album “Inter-Dimensional Music”, is a highlight) and the folksy bliss of Yves Simon.

Artists originally ignored first time round, such as Daniel Mathieu, Cherubin, Susana Estrada and Steve & Teresa, are given a place in the spotlight. We have spent a considerable amount of time tracking down each artist, allowing them to tell their stories, give the inside history of each track and relive their musical adventures – however previously obscure or overlooked. Their wares, from misty-eyed acoustic rock to slowed-down blue-eyed soul, sound sublime in Psychemagik’s new setting.

As ever with our releases, much attention has been paid to the artwork and packaging. Long-time Psychemagik collaborator, acclaimed illustrator Luke Insect, once again handles design duties. His illustration – part pagan, part medieval alchemy, part prog rock revivalism – effortlessly matches the wide-eyed mood of Psychemagik’s brilliant selections.

Like its predecessor, Magik Sunrise will be available on limited-edition gatefold vinyl, double CD (with a bonus mix from Psychemagik) and digital download.

Magik Sunrise CD/LP Track List

Iasos – Formentera Sunset Clouds
Daniel Mathieu – C’Etait Un Beau Dimanche
Fox – The Juggler
Walter Hawkins – Metropolis
Steve & Teresa – Catching A Wave
Cherubin – Sunrise
Yves Simon – Raconte-Toi
Susana Estrada – ¡Gózame Ya!
Joey Newman – The One You Love
Rob Mehl – House On The Rock
George Oban – Basshoven
Rioland & Goldfeder – Tension
Jeff Liberman – Transformation
David Astri – Safe And Sound
Max Adioa – Toubab Bile (Instrumental Version)

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Garden Festival 2013

It’s that time again, the initial line-up for this year’s Garden Festival is out there, and we can’t wait to get back to Tisno. A strong Pool contingent for 2013 so get your tickets sorted!

Happy New Year

Lots going on tonight, in case you haven’t selected yet, or looking for a last minute rave, a few suggestions..

However/Wherever you get down, have fun & stay safe.

Happy New Year from all at The Pool. See you in 2013 for more of the same…



or a bit further afield! Harvey touches down in Russia!


Last post before Christmas from me, and a very nice way to finish up with a chat to new additions to the roster: PSYCHEMAGIK

Happy holidays to you all from everyone at The Pool!

We caught up with Danny & Tom, AKA Psychemagik – to find out a little more about the duo…


Danny you are first and fore-most a record dealer / collector is that right? You told me a few tales of travelling the world digging for the best tunes and then coming home and selling tunes to some of the biggest and best DJs in the land?   

First and foremost I’m a music lover. I started buying records seriously at 18 when I went on a solo road trip around USA. I took greyhound buses from South Carolina to Ohio, and went to Detroit, Chicago, New York, Canada etc. Got some amazing stuff back then. I used to bring them back to UK, sell them to buy records in Europe then fly back to USA and sell the rare Euro stuff to hip hop producers.

Meeting Q-Tip in NYC and selling him beats was a highlight. He was singing me unreleased tracks from the next Tribe LP and beatboxing, it was a bug out!

What is the rarest record you own? 

I have a late 70’s EMI demonstration acetate that showcases the capabilities of the EMI Harmony Vocoder and there are some crazy tracks on it. We are gonna sample one of the cuts from it one day. There’s supposed to be only 2 copies in existence. My one and the one in the EMI vault.


Tom am I right in thinking you are the more studio based of the pair of you?

Yes, I first really got into the creation of music through DJing. My dad bought me my first turntables and mixer when I was 11; a pair of direct drive Sony decks with the pitch control as a dial at the front! They were great!!

After getting the hang of the standard mixing from one track to another I started blending sections together for longer periods to try and create my own sound…loadsa fun with techno!!!

At 17 I started actually making music from scratch using Cubasis on the Atari ST and a midi keyboard…the productions we’re pretty lame but it got me into the whole process!

I had a few piano lessons , up to grade 3 then progressed it further myself because at 15 , being taught Beatles songs and classical music was awful.  I just wanted to learn how to play all the Rave pianos I was hearing!!!  Since then I’ve taught myself how to get by on the Guitar and Bass…


– We first found out about you guys via Damon from Disco Bloodbath and Greg Wilson both heavily caning your Fleetwood Mac ‘Everywhere’ edit. I remember ‘rumours’ (wink) that you were signed to Warners and were going to be the act to break from the whole re-edit thing. Tells us a bit about how the whole thing started and how you ended up on a major? 

We started making edits and our own music right away, ‘Valley Of Paradise’ was the first track we made together, we made an album of our own stuff and our manager at the time played it to a couple of majors, a month later we had two major deals on the table.

– The various online mixes obviously further propelled you into the limelight, how do you feel about making mixes to go online? Are you fans of acts posting live mixes? Or are you more into making tapes for home listening type style stuff?

Live mixes can be insightful and misleading, it’s always good to see an act and form your own opinion. I’ve seen people I love have good sets and bad, that is a human condition.

We post live mixes and studio mixes, our 3hr live set at Stadtkmusic festival in Basel is the perfect example of what we do. Starting at about 70 BPM it covers the mellow blissed out Balearic stuff people have heard in the Test Pressing mixes and the kind of uptempo bangers you might hear us play at a warehouse jam or club.

– How long have you both been DJing?

Tom 21 years, Dan 25 years

– How would you describe your sound? 


– Does Canterbury still buzz to the sound of Caravan and Fairport Convention reunions etc?

Sadly not, there are some amazing bands here like Syd Arthur who we have collaborated with on our album, but the town lacks a decent music venue or scene.

– Is Canterbury Rock still there? Very fond memories of lost Saturday afternoons hanging out there, listening to the football results come in.

Yeah Jim’s still there, and he’s still one of the funniest and nicest guys out there, sadly Dave’s indoor market closed a year ago, but Canterbury Rock is still rockin!

– Any digging spots in Kent you can disclose?

B-Side The C-Side in Herne Bay is an Aladdin’s Cave of vinyl delights! The current owner has had ‘closing down’ on the window for an eternity, with this in mind he ‘accepts offers’ on his stock but that actually translates to about a 10% discount. When I was last in there a guy offered him £2 for a £4 cd and he said ‘I’d rather burn it’. It’s worth a visit just to meet him.

– Is Kent the Cosmic Forest you refer to?

Our studio is in the countryside with trees and birds and all the elements, it happens to be in Kent.

– I remember fondly Prins Thomas dropping your Talking Heads edit at Space then playing it myself the day after at Pikes. We had the bar manager running up to us asking who’s edit it was. Have you always made your own edits for playing out? What are you trying to do when making a re-edit?

Ha Nice!!

Well yes. We’re trying to get it a new lease of life and also inject some of our energy into it. With the more popular songs I think it’s important to keep the integrity of the original. Staying true to its groove and emotion…it can be a really fine line between an incredible edit that blow people away or a complete disaster.

– You seem to blend the rare / obscure / exotic tracks with your home production skills which takes them often somewhere slightly more accessible. Walking that line is always interesting I feel. Was this something you consciously were looking at doing or was it more of a natural thing. Fleetwood Mac ‘Everywhere’ for example is pretty main-stream but some of your stuff especially in some of your mixes is a lot more obscure.

Both of us love the weird and obscure stuff and the classic 80’s hits, maybe we each prefer some more than the other but the blend of tastes and passions make for a good balance.

– Do you enjoy the remix process? 

Yeah, it’s a time to experiment and take a track to another level. Unlike the edit you obviously have all the separate parts which leaves you with so much scope for having fun and manipulating sounds.

We often like to rewrite as much of the music as possible, giving a song a completely fresh take!  Basically there are infinite options!!!

– Tell us a bit about the recent Leng compilation, which seems to be picking up rave reviews?

We wanted to put together an album that showcased the more eclectic and digging side of our dj sets and influences.

It’s mostly weirdo euro disco nuggets from various 12″s, LP’s and 45’s. Leng did a limited edition of 500 on vinyl and it sold out worldwide in 48hrs. We’ve been compiling part two called ‘Magik Sunrise’. It’s the more mellow, Balearic side of our record collections, the kind of tracks people would have heard on our Test Pressing mixes. We’ve got some amazing cuts cleared and some of the artists have the masters so we’re gonna look at doing some blissed out remixes with this material. Really excited about this one.

– Best Gig so far? Sunset Ashram in Ibiza last year was a holy experience!

– Dream gig still to be done?  The Moon would be a pretty awesome backdrop! Maybe on board Virgin Galactic’s maiden voyage is more feasible?

– Live show in the pipe-line? Next year for sure

Thanks for your time guys, Welcome aboard! 

Thanks for having us!


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