DJ Harvey in conversation

Harvey talks snakeskin boots, Coachella & his spiritual side!


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Sonar 2013 Picks

Sonar is fast approaching, so here’s a little round up of the off Sonar parties we suggest you check out if you’re in town…  Young Marco, PBR Streetgang, Bonar Bradberry all representing.

Also the Todd Terje x Lindstrom all conquering live show rolls into Barcelona -  so don’t miss that at Sonar by Day. Closing set on the Thursday night.

Distortion Festival – Copenhagen

Harvey & Todd Terje were causing maxmium Distortion in Copenhagen this Saturday night, check out some shots from the show..

Dr Dunks Update!

Lots bubbling for Eric Duncan right now, the long awaited ‘Fox’ release is out now on Golf Channel & is record of the week at Piccadilly.

Also forthcoming from Dr Dunks is a Bryan Ferry Remix which will be with us soon and he’s just finished one for DFA involving Eddie from (Secret Circuit/Laughing Lights a Plenty)

A new Juno chart now online – Eric Duncan – Lucky 13 for May  and a superb Rub n Tug Mix CD available at LN:CC


Dr Dunks – Summer Madness 2013 – Dates Still Available

Eric is in UK / Europe open for shows on these dates…


21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28


11,12, 13, 14 / 18, 19, 20

hit us HERE for any requests:

If you can’t wait that long you can catch Dr Dunks at East Village in London this weekend for new night ‘Eat The Beat’

and check out a little interview with Eric on the East Village site

Bill Brewster in conversation..

Bill Brewster chats to Point Blank about his new After Dark compilation, plans for the upcoming summer, disaster gigs and of course EDM!


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The Pool x Dance Tunnel

We’re back down the Dance Tunnel this month with special guests


Come down & get involved…


We’re back at Dalston’s favourite basement for a Heavy weight double helping of European talent. HUNEE & YOUNG MARCO will be working that system to the bone amongst the smoke & strobes on Friday May 24th.

Very excited to bring the Berlin & Amsterdam flavour to Dalston, with a couple of serious serious record collections. House in all its forms, huge slabs of disco, techno, jack trax, & weirdness = heads down hands up party.

Support from The Pool crew Ben Terry & Rob Needham.

Friday May 24th


Dance Tunnel
95 Kingsland High Street
E8 2PB

£5 before 11
More after

HUNEE is a good eater. He comes from a grey and boring city, where heavy industrialization and green forests go hand in hand. In his teenage years, he used to colour this environment with rap and soul music.
Now being a Berlin resident for almost ten years – he eats bumpin’ disco for breakfast, heats up deep jackin’ music for lunch and slows it soulfully down for dinner. In the night he prefers to spend his time cookin a special meal on the turntables. He is a good swimmer too – when he’s out of the water, he makes records for labels like feel music, w.t. records, internasjonal and retreat.

Amsterdam native DJ, producer and certified dude YOUNG MARCO has been on the forefront of the city’s bustling underground scene for nearly a decade.

Coming up through several now infamous residencies, he quickly gained notoriety for his genre-defying and ballsy DJ sets with a unique take on dance music, playing everything from lost proto-house and raw jaktrax to Libyan disco anthems.

After releasing several records on Rush Hour he soon found a home on Lovefingers’ ESP Institute where he continues to craft his signature zonked out house sound filled with broken drum computers and uncool 90’s new-age synthesizers.

His releases are already becoming sought after collectables, which are getting support from heads like Dixon and James Murphy. His growing number of remixes range from fellow ESP heads Soft Rocks and Michael Ozone to Afro legend Francis Bebey with many more in the pipeline.

We Love Space – Ibiza

Given the current weather in the UK you’d be forgiven for thinking that Summer is a long long way off, however… the We Love Space opening party kicks off their 2013 Ibiza season in only 8 weeks!

We’ll be back on the Island again this summer, beginning with Matty J in El Salon for the opening shindig alongside Ibiza Town party institution, host with most – Mr Lo Cura – David Phillips.  More details to follow about white island manouerves this year, but get booking those flights…

Here’s the lineup in full:


DISCOTECA – Born Electric


AFTER DARK - Fingerlickin Present 10 Years Of Trickatechnology

PREMIER ETAGE – The Garden Get Together

EL SALON – Lo Cura Lounge


Psychemagik – Magik Sunrise

The Psychemagik boys are back with a killer new compilation on Leng, following the critically acclaimed ‘Magik Cyrkles’ that dropped towards the end of 2012 on the same label. Full PR & Tracklist below.

The compilation is available to order now, shipping mid May…

Having wowed critics and crate-diggers alike with 2012’s acclaimed Magik Cyrkles compilation, Psychemagik are now ready to unleash the follow-up, Magik Sunrise.

Bristling with psychedelic, cosmic and curiously Balearic oddities hand-picked from the depths of their vast record collections, Magik Sunrise is, if anything, even more inspired that its predecessor.

Given that Magik Cyrcles was widely considered to be one of the best compilations of 2012, that’s some feat. That collection garnered praise across the board, appearing in the end-of-year charts of Rough Trade, Juno and Piccadilly Records. As if that wasn’t enough, DJ magazine also described it as “f***ing great!”

For Magik Sunrise, the Kent-based duo have dug even deeper into the dusty corners of their record vault, deep in the Cosmic Forest. The result is another inspired, 15-track collection that gleefully skips between all manner of forgotten gems and little-known nuggets, occasionally stopping to acclaim an otherwise unknown track or artist.

Off-kilter African reggae (Max Adioa) nestles side by side with eyes-closed deep-jazz funk (Rob Mehl, George Oban), while the stoned, Balearic prog rock of Jeff Liberman jostles for position with the Steve Miller Band-on-valium goodness of Fox’s “The Juggler”. Then there’s the Roxy Music-ish grooves of Joey Newman, the drifting new age ambience of Iasos (whose “Formentera Sunset Clouds”, from the 1975 album “Inter-Dimensional Music”, is a highlight) and the folksy bliss of Yves Simon.

Artists originally ignored first time round, such as Daniel Mathieu, Cherubin, Susana Estrada and Steve & Teresa, are given a place in the spotlight. We have spent a considerable amount of time tracking down each artist, allowing them to tell their stories, give the inside history of each track and relive their musical adventures – however previously obscure or overlooked. Their wares, from misty-eyed acoustic rock to slowed-down blue-eyed soul, sound sublime in Psychemagik’s new setting.

As ever with our releases, much attention has been paid to the artwork and packaging. Long-time Psychemagik collaborator, acclaimed illustrator Luke Insect, once again handles design duties. His illustration – part pagan, part medieval alchemy, part prog rock revivalism – effortlessly matches the wide-eyed mood of Psychemagik’s brilliant selections.

Like its predecessor, Magik Sunrise will be available on limited-edition gatefold vinyl, double CD (with a bonus mix from Psychemagik) and digital download.

Magik Sunrise CD/LP Track List

Iasos – Formentera Sunset Clouds
Daniel Mathieu – C’Etait Un Beau Dimanche
Fox – The Juggler
Walter Hawkins – Metropolis
Steve & Teresa – Catching A Wave
Cherubin – Sunrise
Yves Simon – Raconte-Toi
Susana Estrada – ¡Gózame Ya!
Joey Newman – The One You Love
Rob Mehl – House On The Rock
George Oban – Basshoven
Rioland & Goldfeder – Tension
Jeff Liberman – Transformation
David Astri – Safe And Sound
Max Adioa – Toubab Bile (Instrumental Version)

For all Bookings – CONTACT US


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TNT Subhead – Ecstasy & Release

Tiago’s new artist album under the TNT Subhead moniker drops very soon on Portugese label Groovement. We’ve heard a sneak preview copy and its great.

Tiago will be touring in support of the album so for all bookings hit us HERE

TIAGO & LUX Interview

LP Listing


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we go to Lisbon & LUX

Most DJ’s know Lux: It’s something of an institution in Lisbon, and has a great reputation for an uninhibited crowd and forward thinking booking policy. Tiago joined The Pool family last year, and with his new album on Groovement rapidly approaching, we took the chance to chat with the man himself & Pedro, the bookings Director at Lux.

Hello Pedro & Tiago thanks for agreeing to chat with us.

Ok first things first, tell us when you first met? & Were you both born in Lisbon?

Pedro: To be honest I can’t really recall when we first met… I guess way before we met I was already aware of him. Actually I’m old enough to remember him playing bass with Pop del’Arte (a Portuguese’s truly essential unique veteran combo/band). DJ wise I’m not sure but (maybe at Xabregas rave parties? Did you play there? I guess he must have been friends with friends, or something).

Definitely I was totally aware of him in the early days of a young DJ crew he was involved with, and he made me dance a lot… Countless nights to be precise… That’s before we actually meet and worked together. I have to say that, even at the time, you could tell him apart of the DJ’s surrounding him. More solid… An ethic virtuoso, a step ahead of everybody… Kind of the same felling that remains up until today, even if more than two decades (?!) have gone by. I was born in Lisbon. I think Tiago wasn’t, he’s from Guimarães, the birth place of the country

Tiago: Yeah I was born north Portugal, almost 400 klm from Lisbon but soon moved in when i was 17. I met Pedro at some friends party but very briefly. Pedro was hanging with this guy and his wife i was hanging with their daughter. But then we settled at the club, yeah.

Pedro, describe Tiago as DJ

Pedro: Regardless of styles that he may have favored differently over the years, there’s a watermark that has always remained the same. Not easy to pin down, but something you could describe a total refuse of the easy, obvious solutions. An absolute devotion to finding his own way into people’s heads, hearts (and hips).As we (older ones) know so well by now – and the faster the young ones learn it, the better for them – the road worth taking on the dance floor is often not the shortest nor the easiest one.

So those who can show us different places – because they have a secret knowledge that allows them to divert from the main road into uncharted territory – are always (those) we should be more grateful to. Because, the fact is they’ve discovered and charted those secret sonic lands themselves, and they chose to share it with us:  their most precious findings. That’s a brave/generous thing.  

Words coming to my mind would include explorer, guide, rather than preacher.This, for me, is the essential thing. But on top of all that he also happens to be one of the most technically skilled DJ’s I’ve ever met! And trust me, I’ve met a lot. Really!!

Later on I had the opportunity of working with him more closely, and tour for some dates with him and all that I’ve previously stated just became more solid. Be that the biggest festival or strangest club abroad he always knows how to handle different crowds (regardless of the their size) without submitting to it. Always sabotaging the “déjà-seen-solutions”…

Ok too long already!

When did the Lux first open it’s doors?

Pedro: End of 98. I was not there yet though… I was lucky enough to join in, handling bookings and communication, in mid 99.

Who designed the Lux?

Pedro: It was (and it remains) the work of a team of many talents put together, co-ordinated and inspired by Manuel Reis, aka the boss. He’s the one who really handles the bututa of the whole thing.

What type of sound-system is housed in the club?

Pedro: Funktion One, but as you know it’s always a combination of the sound system with the acoustic work you do on the room

Tiago when did you first start your residency with Lux?

Tiago: Started Lux in its very beginning, 1998, 15 years ago. I was 21.

Do you feel resident DJs are often looked over in this age of super-star travelling guest DJs?

Pedro: Yes, there’s a point there. I think anyone who has been around for some time knows that not all crowds can truly appreciate the importance of residents DJ’s. Or the warm-up sets for big names. And the need of “attention grabber names” sometimes helps to lose the focus on some essential facts. You’re never a preacher in your hometown (do you have the same saying there?).

 But, to be honest I think we’re kind of an exception to that. We have a large team of Residents who have played here always, plus some people who play on a regular basis. I think our crowd knows how much they owe them. And they owe a lot!!

We believe in them, and in the way they remain true to themselves and what motivates them. Being excited about music and making people dance in a happy-true-felt way,. They are all different but they share the same ethos: all are aware of how dance music has evolved over their lifetime. Needless to say that many several guests made me realise how good my residents are.

Tiago: Sure they do, unfortunately. Been debating with myself that it’s normal trend to hire the producer instead of the DJ and acutally promote that, been thinking that this is a huge mistake.

Pedro what is the booking policy at Lux? If there is such a thing? What is your mission statement?

Pedro: Well that’s the kind of unanswerable question unless you sound pretentious and cliched. But if I have to sum it up it’s the pleasure of discovery? (there you go… how lame does that sound?).

Thing is: I think people look up at Lux not only for it’s quality or hype and program but because they link it to things they first heard here. Things they DISCOVERED with our resident or guest djs, or bands. We were always a bit ahead of things (booking names before they were big) of course that is different in 2003 or 2013, but is the same in a way we can only do things we believe are good and that people should pay attention to, not just the stuff people want.

Discovery is indeed a very important thing and  think we’ve played a part there (musical discoveries) in more than  a generation? 

Tiago you run a monthly party there? Inviting friends and family?

Tiago: Yeah, i have a weekly residency at Lux and now and again i do this party where i bring my friends so that the vibe is right.

Pedro is it true James Murphy told you Tiago was one of his favourite DJs?

Pedro: you should ask him that. But yes… in that particular evening (Lux 10×10 in 2008) he played back to back with him all night. But many of our guests were aware of Tiago’s sonic watermark, from James Lavelle to the Dewalle brothers, they’ve always pointed out how good and unique he is

What have been some of your most memorable nights for you at Lux? 

Pedro: Too many to mention in proper detail (thank god)

Tiago give us a few of your biggest tunes from Lux?

Tiago: Ok, these 3 got always a cheering reaction, ‘Funkatarium’ by Jump, Bohannon’s ‘Let’s start the Dance’, or Change’s ‘Glow of Love’. Lots more of course hit the spot too…

Tiago who would you say would be your biggest influences as a DJ?

Tiago: All the people i’ve played with.. in ways that everyone really gave me the energy to do my own thing.

Do you find some of the people that came at the start still come to this day?

Tiago: Unfortunately very few, i guess folks got older and settled a bit. Apart from those who still come, the crowd (has) been rotating and that’s not necessarily bad.

Tiago tell us about the Album you have coming soon on Groovement? This is a home-grown Portugese label is that right?

Tiago: Yes it is. North Portuguese label working worldwide through distributors Rub’a'Dub. Very happy that it’s finally happening. Album should be out next month or so. Been a while since i first finished those tracks so it’s nice to see them out. Very happy also with artwork amazingly done by my friend Andreas Jenne.

How did you end up putting out an album for this label?

Tiago: Been in touch with Rui for a while and he was asking for new music after we did that 1st rocket together. By then i had a bunch of unfinished tracks that i wanted done but didn’t necessarily think that (they) could go along together but somehow they did. I started giving thought to maybe putting them together for Rui and doing the album, and that’s what happened.

Rui was very enthusiastic with the idea and gave me the time to finish all in my own terms (music, artwork, etc) that was very nice and i’m very grateful for it.

Tell us about the album, what are we to expect?

Tiago: Some nice dance tracks, few with beat, others without. Comes out on both Vinyl and CD and a special limited pack with a wonderful t-shirt.

Thomas Bullock from Rub N Tug remixed the first single which was epic, are you both friends, are you a fan of his work?

Tiago: Oh yes, I’am a big fan! Such a character of style and talent.

What other releases / projects do you have coming.

Tiago: Working on a remix for ESP and a new project for Golf Channel.

Pedro tell us what Lux has in-store in 2013?

Pedro: The “Rush” nights (for new and upcoming talents only), and “curated by” nights (for different artists to curate their own Lux night)


And finally why should everyone make a trip to Portugal this year?

Pedro: Because there’s a strong possibility they will not regret it at all ;-)




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