For the majority who lived through it, the 1970s was a period when the sun set on the hope and idealism of the ’60s. The 1970s was one long crisis: beef shortages, the Watergate scandal and its implcations for Richard Nixon, the oil crisis. To top it all, New York was declared bankrupt.

An oasis of hope lay in the middle of this turmoil in the form of disco. Inspired by the liberation movements of the ’60s and the album-oriented music exploding out of the USA, nowhere was this idealism more evident than in the creation of the first record pool. Led by New York agitators like Steve D’Acquisto and Loft helmsman David Mancuso, the idea was simple: to organise and galvanise the city’s DJs and to use the Record Pool, as it was simply called, as a distribution hub for the record companies to get their music out to the right jocks.

Steve D’Acquisto claimed the pool came about because of Kudu Records refusing to give him a copy of Esther Phillips’ What A Difference A Day Makes. A meeting was organised with record companies, PRs, promotion men and DJs invited. “We started the Record Pool because of the conditions a lot of DJs used to work in and it helped change a lot of things,” says David Mancuso. “And the music that came out when we had the record pool in existence, was the best, because the disc jockeys would get the records and they’d fill out a feedback sheet: they would give the personal reaction and the floor reaction. That information, based on the test pressings, would go back to the record company and they would adjust certain things or whatever. There was a lot of communication and organisation and sanity regarding the whole scene.”

Record pools were instrumental in helping reform the promotion system in the USA. Their existence and success (scores soon sprang up all over the States) was a testament to the changing attitudes of record companies and an acknowlegment of the growing power and influence of the DJ.

Bill Brewster – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Since 2005, when I began working with Matt, we’ve very much grown together. In that time I’ve seen
my career snowball to an extent where my bookings are now global rather than national and we’ve
developed a solid working relationship in the process, Matt’s approach perfectly complimenting my own.

On numerous occasions promoters have mentioned to me how refreshing it is to do business with Matt,
an agent who strikes the right balance between thorough professionalism and an easy going manner.
Needless to say that this is exactly the type of person I want to represent me.

Greg Wilson – March 2010

The Pool is home to a rich and diverse collection of DJs and Live Acts. Our group of artists are recognised and respected the world over. Resolute tastemakers and pioneers within their fields, as well as fantastic entertainers.

Matt Johnson assembled this pool of talent after many years working at revered London label Nuphonic and its subsequent critically acclaimed imprint Tirk.

Fresh and breaking talent, sit alongside legendary artists who have been consistently filling dance floors for decades. The Pool’s energy and passion for truly great music is what resonates. From it’s roots in the underground clubs to a booking history with the most prestigious Festival stages, arenas and venues around the globe.

Our booking service whether booking acts for your event, or using our carefully tailored programming service for your brand, is always on point. Ideas and creativity successfully come together for your consumption. The Pool team, have lengthy industry experience and a worldwide booking infrastructure. Their mantra of providing a high quality, approachable and dedicated service helps ensure the most memorable musical results.