Andy Blake joins The Pool Agency

The Pool are very pleased to welcome ANDY BLAKE to the family…  We had a chat with the man himself, and he’s dropped a killer hour of music for us..


Hello Andy and welcome to to Pool family! Hows your day going?

Thank you, i’m really pleased this has happened, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Today’s miniature heatwave has been dictating a very slow pace to my productivity. working out precisely where and in what way I’m going to finally rebuild my studio and reading books has been my main distraction from feeling like i’m melting like a cheap ice cream.

What was the first record/ file you listened to today?

For me digital is pretty much only skimming thru online clips like i’m in the world’s biggest record shop with a massive wedge to listen through and only a few minutes til closing time. Until i’ve actually got the record in my hand I can never remember the names and even then i’m more likely to remember what the sleeve feels like or a fingerprint on the label. I’ve been sorting out a mix for you today and the first thing i listened to properly was what turned out to be the final track on that – wise man by el prevost. it’s one of my favourite new releases in ages.

What makes you still excited about music?

For many years now it’s often about the end result when it’s the sonic glue that brings a group of people together in some way. That bit where the total is far more than the sum of the parts. I also really love how music from many different times and places can be combined in a way that’s totally here, totally now and feels like it could only have happened at that moment.

Could you tell me about the party as a sacred experience?

It seems to me that it’s a pretty big deal when it all lands in the right spot, a good one when it all clicks into place lives on in the people there for ages after. I often find it hard to put into words beyond all the usual clichés and I guess that’s at least part of the point, it’s not something that’s meant to be rationalised and described, it’s there to be felt and absorbed on a whole different level to everyday awareness and taken back out into the world with you to be used in whatever way you want.

What was the last great party you went to?

We drove up to Gottwood a few weeks back on a complete whim and that was a pretty amazing 24 hours. It’s such a beautiful environment and once it got dark it became really magical, intense and exciting but also relaxed and playful. The last big club thing I went to that really blew me away was the Trade 25th birthday, I love how it’s something completely separate in many ways to the larger music and club industry despite having influenced it massively and been an innovative forerunner on so many levels. I’d not been for years and i forgot how good it is, looking around the dancefloor and seeing the relaxed and supremely contented look on people’s faces that said they knew they were in exactly the right place at that moment was brilliant. I guess that look on a bunch of faces at a party is one of the signals that it’s turning from good into great.

What do you predict music to sound like in the year 3016?

By then we’ll either be out in space in some form or other or will have bombed ourselves back to the stone age, or maybe both. Presumably that’ll have a fair amount to do with the directions it goes in. Something like traditional indian music could be a biggish part of it, chorded drones, interlocking rhythms and percussion and a sense of it being more than just entertainment, more part of a ritual with some kind of functional aspect – which I guess is also what some forms of techno are currently. there will no doubt be a chipmunk playground chant advertising jingle side to it too if there’s still pop music in any form and i don’t suppose there’s any reason to assume there won’t be. There will probably be at least as many different kinds of folk and roots music as there are recognisably different cultures around then. it’ll likely be as broad and diverse as it is now advanced by whatever the current technology is and has been between now and then, most likely with some emphasis on modernism and futurism and some on a roots/retro/nostalgic tip and no doubt some new elements and aspects that we can’t even guess at now.

What transcends DJing from simply playing music into an art form?

I’m not sure that it is an art form when it’s done as well as it can be, I think it’s something bigger than that and taps into something that art is only the beginning stages of. I guess it stops being just playing music when the boundaries that are normally perceived to exist between individuals, and also within individuals, start to disappear and a far bigger picture becomes visible for a moment, and that can happen in many different ways and in many different kinds of places.

Different djs have their own ways of achieving that transcendence and I think that’s whats so exciting about it as a practice despite the relative simplicity of its execution. It’s always developing, there’s always something new to experiment with either musically or technology-wise and it’s virtually limitless in its scope. Those occasions when it’s clear that a significant proportion of those in attendance are collectively engaged in the moment are when the real magic starts and after that anything can happen.


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