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Yoshinori Hayashi
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After debuting with “The End Of The Edge EP” on Going Good Records in 2015, Yoshinora’s work has been discovered by true curious music freaks and avid listeners from all over the world. Its sound might not be a straight forward dance tune, but it still got 6th position in Juno and made it into their Best of 2015 : Top 50 Singles.

His creations kept blooming and releases continued; “ The Forgetting Curve EP (Jinn Records)“(which included remix by DJ Sotofett),“Asylum“ from Lovers Rock (owned by Ital), an split EP with DB.SOURCE “Square Sun” (Gravity Graffiti) and so on.

He is also acclaimed as a DJ and his style goes beyond House, Techno, Disco – sometimes stepping into so-called dangerous zones, which is both classic and experimental at the same time and forms original eclectic obscure philosophy. Yoshinori has managed to establish himself as a new rising artist and his sensibility to prioritize the music is something which is longed for in the current music scene. He is definitely the one to keep an eye on.