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Phaserboys are two youngsters from North-Rhine Westphalia – AKI AKI & Rasputin – who came together as friends within Düsseldorf‘s re-flourishing electronic music scene in 2016. Both being residents at the (in)famous Salon des Amateurs, their productions and DJ sets are an eclectic mix of demented boogie, mystical dream house and playful positivity, all of which culminates in their debut EP on Aiwo Records, quickly followed by features on Düsseldorf‘s Themes for Great Cities imprint.

The two boy‘s non-singular style is a naturalistic analogue interpretation of a world that has become widely digitalised and oversaturated. Combining influences from the deepest of the crates to the eccentric musical world surrounding them, the Phaserboys have a post-retro touch that seamlessly connects past, present and future leaving listerners hungry to find out what happens next. Stirring up anxious dance floors all across Europe, they do their name all justice with their phased out live performances and tranced up DJ sets.