Niklas Wandt
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Niklas Wandt is a drummer/percussionist, producer and DJ living in Berlin. Originally from a diverse self-taught background of Free Jazz, Rap and Psychedelic Rock, his musical aspirations first matured at Düsseldorf’s Salon des Amateurs. Some years on the road onwards,  2018 started with Niklas increasing his DJ output and bringing his more electronic endeavors to fruition.

After two years in the studio, Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt’s “Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World” came out on Growing Bin Records – a contemporary fusion of dub, organic percussion, New Age vibes and Italo House infused with just a mild goofiness that found international acclaim. Around the same time, the debut seven inch of his German Wave duo Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge dropped on Themes For Great Cities. Both acts had the pleasure of bringing their live concerts to audiences all over Europe and as far east as China.

2019 started out with one in a string of collaborative releases: the “Wismut” EP with Berlin veteran Sascha Funke on Multi Culti. Further efforts that will see the light of day include EPs with Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge, with Kris Baha, Cass. and Alek Lee.

A Niklas Wandt DJ set reflects his diversity of interests with as little care for genre and imposed boundaries as possible. Fringe dance musics from percussion and library records, spiritual jazz, Balearic pop, pumping Wave and Industrial, far out Tribal House and Kosmisch synth excursions dubbed and blended in a natural flow that reveals his roots in actually playing music on instruments. Don’t expect dead-serious four-to-the-floor. Stretches of hypnotic repetition easily detour and resolve into mildly goofy moments to make you smile.

His home turf is Sameheads, the beautiful Berlin basement where he invites open-minded colleagues to his regular parties called “Smells.”