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Some people are recognized for having good taste, but it’s those who make taste that are remembered. There’s a fine line between being a music fan and being a true enthusiast. While popularity-chasing DJ’s are widespread—especially in this era marked by an obsession with “the DJ” — a few rulers of the taste-making craft outlast the hype and sit respectfully amongst their crate-digging peers. Andrew Hogge — whom you might know better as Lovefingers— is a member of this rarer breed. Most within (and beyond) this unique and compelling scene—where disco, house, techno and an “anything goes” mentality cozily co-habit, owe Lovefingers a lot; if it wasn’t for his countless hours relentlessly perfecting a 1000-song mix on his vessel,, aspiring DJs might not still be as interested in digging today. His site was the first and what some audiophiles consider to be the finest music thread to ever grace the Web. Andrew is much more than a man with an eclectic library however; he’s a DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and the ear and creative of his record label ESP Institute. The LA native has released widely sought after records from a range of esoteric producers all while maintaining his trademark future-forward sound and aesthetic. From day one, ESP Institute releases have found their way into the bags of dance-floor heavyhitters from DJ Harvey, Andrew Weatherall and Dixon to Todd Terje, Laurent Garnier and David Mancuso. While juggling all of the above and being an in-demand Creative Director, Lovefingers has the luxury of being able to cherry pick his gigs at the worlds best club nights, warehouse parties, festivals and events, collaborate with his friends (notably with Lee Douglas as The Stallions and Eddie Ruscha as Secret Fingers), as well as make regular appearances on cult radio shows like Beats In Space and his own monthly show on Dublab.

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