Jamie Tiller
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Jamie Tiller has rapidly earned a reputation as one of the most important tastemakers around. Originally from London, Jamie recently relocated to Berlin from Amsterdam, where he set up Music From Memory with fellow record conoisseur Tako Reyenga. Music From Memory is widely regarded as one of the most exciting labels to have emerged within the last five years. It has become synonymous with the release of visionary electronic music from the past as well as present. Together, Jamie and Tako also run Second Circle, a sister label specialising in genre bending dance music.

Digging since a young age, Jamie has an unrivalled knack for rescuing a seemingly endless supply of discarded musical gems from the murky depths of the record underworlds. At the forefront of discovery, he can be heard championing these finds in DJ sets around planet Earth. Casting a wide musical net, from African electronics to Japanese Wave, oddball House to deviant Pop, Jamie’s sets are constrained neither by genre nor tempo. Rather he has a unique musical sensibility which allows him to find seamless connections between musical sounds that few others could bring together, turning dance floors worldwide upside down and inside out.

Along with Raphael Top Secret, Jamie has recently compiled the much anticipated ‘Uneven Paths – Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991’, which will be released on Music From Memory in March 2018.