DJ Harvey
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DJ Harvey is absolutely his own man, he is a near mythical character, who’s fans refer to themselves as his cult, or studymasters.  Harvey’s musical style cannot simply be filed as eclectic, he plays whatever he feels, as he feels it, but always for the crowd. Best put by Harvey himself, “You can’t understand the blues until you’ve had your heart broken and you can’t understand my music till you’ve had group sex on ecstasy”.

Harvey is an analogue loving DJ that utilizes reel to reel and effects all conjured live while also loving the new technology of CDJ’s in the mix. He is respected and in demand the world over to supply the sounds for a vast array of Clubs, Festivals, Fashion Shows, TV shows, and Private Events. A quick google search of his name will unearth reading material for days. He records under various monikers including Wildest Dreams, Locussolus & Black Cock. Rolling Stone Magazine stated ‘If Keith Richards were a DJ, he would be DJ Harvey’, as they named him one of the 25 DJ’s that rule the world.