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DJ/production duo Discodromo named themselves after the Italian word for the circular runway of UFOs as used in 1970s sci-fi films. Independent of one another, Giacomo Garavelloni and Giovanni Turco spent time in nightclubs though the 90s where they gained a deep understanding of house and techno. It was only a matter of time before they crossed paths, at which point they immediately realized they were in love, with music! Their combined passion and knowledge of myriad musical mutations was the perfect basis of their new DJ partnership. By 2008, the duo relocated to Berlin, and their stylistically diverse sets have led to bookings in a wide array of clubs: the infamous Panorama Bar in Berlin, Rex in Paris, Cielo in New York, ageHa in Tokyo and Sónar festival in Barcelona, to name a few. Giacomo and Giovanni’s newfound surroundings also inspired them to start producing their own music together, which led to their debut 12” single “Cosmorama” on Internasjonal. Since then they have released two other records with Internasjonal, and more productions and remixes on a variety of other labels such as BPitch Control, Dissident and of course their own, CockTail d’Amore Music.

In 2009 eager for new challenges Discodromo teamed up with Berghain resident DJ Boris, to create CockTail d’Amore. Initially Cocktail was a monthly party that brought out the most hedonistic of Berlin’s party community to dance for well over 24 hours to a heady brew of house, disco, techno, new wave and EBM selections from a rotating assembly of respected selectors. By 2011 a record label had emerged to embody the sonic aesthetic of the party. The label has flourished to encompass a dizzying diversity of dance styles ranging from the mind bending casio gymnastics of Heatsick, through to the post-punk overtones of Sfire. Similarly the party has flourished to become a wild beast that runs amok at Griessmuehle every month with a fervent set of regular attendees.

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