About Us

We represent a unique collection of pioneering DJs and Live Acts from our office in Bristol, a city appropriately steeped in its own history of revolutionary music. As a family of artists and agents we work tirelessly together with a mutual passion and respect for good music. Balancing our expertise with approachability, working with underground clubs and promoters from around the World. Our clients also include some of the most prestigious festival stages. We are always inspired by new talent and work hard to promote the talent that we believe in.

For those unfamiliar with the idea of a Record Pool, it emerged within the disco scene of the 70s, against the backdrop of the fading idealism of the outgoing 60s. The concept was simple – to use the pools to galvanise the city’s DJs, forming an entity that embodied their influence, and in turn fortified the powers of art against commerce. In the present world of uncertainty, it might seem that belief in idealism is receding once more, but The Pool Agency still stands as a testament to the unifying symbol of the Record Pool: to harness and empower the dance movement.